Trio Trek to Erin

Noon, Eastern Standard Time

Heading to a fall fair in Erin, Ontario today. I am in the back seat of the little red sports car with two goddesses in the front. We are currently cruising up Trafalgar Rd doing about mach 5.

Threesome? Not likely, as two of us have colds. Nice idea, though.  I would be game if I felt better.

Our driver is blonde with shaded bluish glasses. Black sleeveless tee shirt with pink floral front and jean shorts. She, like myself, has a cold but her’s is manifesting as a smoker cough.  I have known her since 2005 and we have each nursed each other through the end of broken relationships.

The brunette, in front of me, has an Asian look, but claims to be Canadian. Black tee shirt as well, but being I am directly behind her, cannot see what else yet. Will update this later.  First time I have met her, today.

We have already discussed the difference between erotica and porn…as Robin Williams suggested, erotica is using the feather, porn is using the entire chicken. The brunette, in front of me, is asking me how does one become a dominatrix.  Like I would know how to do that. I write well about it, true, but have no fucking clue how to get into that frame of mind beyond about a thousand words.  Current discussions have turned to guzzling coffee and someone’s need to pee.

All footloose and fancy free singles. Would be a fun threesome…except for the sneezing and sniffling…so nice an image as it is to be in this sandwich…not happening.

We are almost to the fair. The gps just politely mentioned where to go…with the pretty voice on the gps, maybe a foursome.

13h08 EST

We made it. Still no threesome even though we got lost on a country road and had to turn around. Thinking it is much too sunny for my liking and I forgot sunscreen. Now to find the shade.

Oh, the Asian looking Canadian who was riding shotgun…she is in a Sex in the City tee-shirt and long jean shorts.  Good look for her, must say.

15h10 EST

On our way back. Was a tiny fall fair so we were around the place in less than an hour.  Almost spent some money on new sheets with a ridiculously high 1200 thread count (allegedly), but probably a good thing we forgot to stop again on the way out.  That just seems unrealistic.

In the back of the car and being subjected to *ahem* subpar tunes of the dance tune nature. This isn’t Rush! This isn’t Genesis!  At least they know to fast forward for me through the Celtic Women religious tunes. However…Lady Gaga has gagged me along with others.  What happened to actual musicians performing instead of nothing tunes from nothing voices?

Regardless, I am lost from the conversation in the front seat with any music. My hearing needs to be checked as I have no doubt it is down.

Currently we are cruising towards central Mississauga and through a very rich area of housing.

They just fast forwarded past “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big and Rich…I could have stomached that one.  Oh well, at least I’m not driving. A nice break in that sense.  I suspect it is Pink currently singing…but I don’t fucking know. Sounds like stripper music to me. All I know is a lyric just said “I want your psycho.”  I would still rather they just ride a cowboy.

17h15 EST


Cold is getting to me again. Currently wandering the Mississauga lake shore while we kill time before dinner.  At least the day is cooling off. I should have brought my camera as it is gorgeous.

Discussion turned to blowjobs…don’t ask why or how…it just did.  Was good for a laugh, at least.

18h10 EST

Threesome still isn’t happening.

Off to dinner, apparently. Will have to toke up on more cold meds when I get home and no beer for me this evening…just not safe when dealing with colds.

Current discussion regarding men’s sheet changing tactics. We have come to the decision that all men lie. It has been a good day of man bashing…oh…wait a tic…guess the threesome is still out.

Well, guess I did complain about my ex wives as well. Unlike these two, however, I have not recently gone through a nasty break up…and considering the stories these two are telling, I cannot blame them.  Why are there so many idiots out there ruining it for us good fellows?

So, almost to our dinner stop and then home. Likely home in time to see football…again, no threesome.

20:15 EST

Home and awaiting football to start in about 15 minutes.  First Monday Night Football game in Detroit since Hercules rode Pegasus.

Dinner was good.  Being I had my turkey dinner last night with my kids, I opted for a nice chicken ceasar.  The women both had the special turkey dinners…looked great, but I am not a big one on turkey.

Still no threesome, and now I am drugged up to help me sleep through.  Hoping this cold is gone soon and, next time, maybe that threesome.

Yeah, who am I kidding?  Still not happening.

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