Vance’s Escape

A beautiful morning as the sun rises over the horizon and just peeks over the form of the goddess laying beside me. The green numbers on the digital clock declare it to be 6:00 AM.

She does not stir as she remains snuggled into me. Her blonde hair is fanned beneath her on the pillow and her big eyes hidden behind closed lids. Her snores are like purring.

I slowly roll her off of me and onto her back. I slip from beneath the covers and quietly brush my teeth and use the mouthwash. Returning, I slowly unzip my overnight bag and pull a condom from it. Returning to the bed, I lay the new condom amongst the used wrappers on the bedside table.

She still sleeps.

I pull the duvet back to reveal her body before crawling onto the bed between her legs. My lips immediately produce a moan from her as soon as I touch her thighs. Then my tongue is inside her.

She has awakened and her hand quickly finds the back of my head grasping my short brown hair to pull my face deeper.

I back off just enough so my fingers can join my tongue. Spreading her pussy lips, my right pointer finger slides inside while my mouth tugs at her clitoris.

Her orgasm approaches as her hips begin to rise to meet my lips. She begins a rhythmic beat, a silent dance that we do between her pussy and my tongue.

Then my lips release her and my tongue runs from her pubic hair to her throat before a deep kiss.

Her hips continue to grind against me.

My own erection screams for her warmth and the tip just dips inside. “Stop,” I whisper. I pull back and find the condom package.

She waits patiently with her hungry eyes riveted to my cock watching as I slip the condom over the top and roll it down.

Then I am in her, once again, with such force that she screams with the pleasure. My hips quickly match her rhythm causing an audible slap together.

Her screams grow louder as her nails mark trails down my back. She screams one final orgasmic scream into my shoulder as her body shudders.

My own orgasm begins to approach. I increase my tempo to bring it. Faster and the slaps get louder.

Her legs wrap around me and link at the ankles to bring me deeper.

Finally, unable to hold back, I pull out, slip the condom off quickly and a stream of semen runs from her belly and as high as her chin.

Her hands rub the semen into her skin, obviously enjoying the warmth of it. Her fingers dip into her own mouth to taste.

I lay back down beside her just as the phone rings. I give her a quick kiss as I reach over and pick up the phone. “Hello?”

She strokes my soft penis as I listen.

I put the phone down and kiss her again. “That’s my wake up call. I have to get to the airport.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “When can we do this again?”

I grinned. “When can you come to Toronto?”

Mark took a sip of his beer.

“So?” Vance asked. “What do you think?”

Mark shook his head. “You have to write this shit down. Someone is bound to want to read it.”

Vance laughed and sipped his own beer.

“One question, dude.”


“Why did you come home? A goddess like that…”

Vance smiled and took another quick sip. “She was fantastic, but this was just an escape for both of us.”

“Yeah, I know,” Mark rolled his eyes. “A 24 hour flight for a one night stand seems a fucking long way to go.”

“Who said it was a one night stand?”

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