Ghandi and The Speed Date

Last weekend I was doing movie reviews to discuss potential conspiracy theories. As early as tomorrow, I will be back on this with it being a certain anniversary et al. My biggest traffic producing post, to date, came out of that.

Prior to that, ten months of fictional bliss. Will also be back to that as I have more Fifi, more Great Korean Whorehouse and even more Evolution of Alice yet to come. Considering all three of the main characters were currently left in similar type limbos, about bloody time. I also have four current new projects sitting in my draft file which should be all posted cum next weekend.

Speaking of cumming…or not…I was looking at a potential speed date event coming up that I may attend next week.

If nothing else, it would be something very new. That alone is likely enough to get me signing up.

Not quite decided, however.

There is the cynical view that it is simply a way for the “busy” crowd to show how busy they are. Nothing more than a smile, a shake, and a “hey, how you doin’?” before moving on to the next victim. Everything is rushing as it is, and dating should be about slowing it down to get to know someone.

Then there is the more optimistic view that suggests we give even less time to those we see as potential on online dating sites. Besides, how else does one meet people these days? This is a chance to meet people that one might never ever cross paths with otherwise…

Okay, and that last point may be good or bad.

I am leaning to the more optimistic view on this. Will likely sign up tomorrow night for the experience, to meet some new women and expand my reign of terror…no, wait…that’s not right…expand my sphere of friends, and to give me something to chronical here.

With my “chronicalling”, should I choose to accept this mission, the usual rules will apply. No real names shall be used to protect the undead, guilty and innocent…but mostly the undead as the guilty at such things do not need protecting and the innocent seem unlikely to be attending.

Maybe I should set up a Paypal account for donations to help fund this adventure…pfft…who am I kidding, I already have a Paypal account and I’ll just use that one.

Anyhow, I write this as I lay on my pillow, so I do not have specific details to share yet other than I believe it is Thursday…likely better to be writing this than the one handed frisk…um…mind you, that might help me sleep.

Okay…in the immortal words of Ghandi, “Please pass the tissues.”

He did say that, right? Or was that Ben Kingsley?…Christie Brinkley, perhaps?

I wonder if Ghandi ever speed dated?


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