Beauty Beholds the Eye

Someone once said the immortal words:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

…thus creating one of the most over used clichés in the ‘verse.  Truth becomes cliché and, thus, becomes boring apparently.

The problem is with how beauty has become a serious marketing tool when selling sex.

beau·ty – Noun 

A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.
Aesthetic senses?  But what is an aesthetic sense?
According to Wikipedia, Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with beauty.  Chicken and the egg.  A vicious paradox of perceptions, me thinks.Ask two people what is beautiful and there will be two different answers.  There is, however, beauty everywhere.

Whether it be in Bradgelina done up to the nines as they walk along a red carpet somewhere…a porn shoot where bodies squirm together for the camera…or a little boy finding a single flower still growing on a war torn street.

It is all around, we just need to look for it, or listen for it, or feel for it.

It has been said many times that humans only use a very tiny percentage of their brains.  This has not become the cliché that the “beholder” statement has, but it is no less true.  Would be curious as to how many have, upon realizing this, actually gone out and consciously attempted to use more.

Imagine the beauty this species would create if everyone thought more and harder.  Success of using more of one’s brain is not truly important, but if all attempted it…it is bound to provide beautiful side effects.

Less war is the first side effect that comes to mind.  This, of course, would stop images of the boy in the war torn street finding a flower, but pretty easy to give up that in hopes of seeing him running through a field of them instead.

Less hate and prejudice is another.  Just think about how much this drops if people begin to think about those hateful judgemental slurs they snap out so easily before they say them.

More respect of life in general.  Less unwanted pregnancies as the couples would think before coupling.  No doctors at abortion clinics dying as people think before allowing emotion to carry them away…in fact that thought might even help them to see that the abortion the doctor performs is probably better than having another unwanted child in the streets somewhere.

More (safe) sex.  Thought kills guilt.  When one truly thinks about it, there is nothing better to do with the human body.  When done safely, go back to the “More respect of life” point.

Thought is beautiful.  It creates beauty.

Faith, not so much as it is something of the Trojan Horse used by those wishing to control thought.

So, to go off and have sex with a beauty has nothing to do with actually thinking about it…respecting her/him…and not allowing the regretful things from the outside to influence the beauty this couple (or threesome or moresome) creates.

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  1. You are giving many humans much more credit than deserved. Some may use more of their brains and think a little harder… But to these individuals, war, pain and suffering is beautiful. I want those folks to think less.


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