Craving The Phase

Which phase do you crave?

Is it the opening stanza of the flirting dance when your eyes first meet?  Is it that first time you see your partner’s smile, or make them laugh?   The part where your eyes first meet and that spark strikes like lightning, shooting between you, telling the story of what is to come.  Gazing over coffee or wine.  Enjoying the accidental touches as hands brush unaware.  Mouth watering at the thoughts of where this could lead.  The thought of each word spoken is how the partner’s mouth will feel when it is used for kissing or sucking.

Perhaps the craving comes from the middle stanza.  As you slowly strip your partners clothing from them, piece by piece, garment by garment, tearing it from their body as the excitement grows until all you see is their flesh.  The anticipation of feeling their flesh mashed against yours…melting into one form of sweat, skin and muscle…but not quite there yet.  Sock and shoes gone…dress and shirt in tatters…how will they get home?  Hands search, explore, poke and prod until they find the pleasures of the flesh for each.  Eyes dance over the nakedness that ensues, studying their prey and their future lover.  The actions that shorten breath and accelerate the cardio.

It could be the coupling phase.  The phase where loins are first locked together and the warmth felt from the initial entry.  Legs and lips are spread and penetration is completed for that first feeling of the partner’s body.  Offering one’s body to the other for consumption, penetration, and further exploration that brings about vocals even the operetics dream of.  The heart accelerates even further from the sloth of the flirt to where it beats in the chest pushing blood from straining neck and feet muscles to growing erections and plumping lips.

What if it is the final phase?  The phase where one watches their partner’s face contort in the ultimate of pleasure…the pinnacle of coupling…the little death that you have assisted them in getting to.  Watching one spill semen atop the other, inside the other, or some variation there of as all the parts climax.  Hearing their lungs explode in song as they scream and thump their way through the awkwardness of this glory.  A subset of this phase…the ultimate subset…is when the partners can sing together of each other’s pleasures.

The final phase…the decoupling…when one watches as their partner sleeps, slowly puts whatever clothes on that are not in tatters, and quietly sneaks out to never be heard from again…if one craves this phase…FUCK OFF!

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