I keep threatening to post more, but must admit I have not come up with anything I would deem as worthy lately.

As such, for today, some random musings…

I have been back in the hustling bustling city for more than a month now. After two years, it seems that I have lost my interest in regular television. Regular network TV is a disaster of mediocre writing for shows or, worse yet, reality television. Now, let’s call a spade a spade here…reality television is basically game shows with scripts. One could argue that even live sports events are simply game shows for groups of large men throwing either a ball or rubber disk around.

Recently been catching up some newer tunes by the likes of Duncan Sheik, Ray Wilson and Mike + the Mechanics. Seems to me that real young musicians are now generally abandoning rock. It used to be that the Foo Fighters were the exception…but they aren’t so young anymore, either. The boys from Chicago…the band, who I will see (likely with my eldest daughter) in February are now in their sixties. Howard Jones who I will see (with my eldest) next month is in his fifties. Is it odd that I am now taking my daughter to see bands who I started listening to when I was her age?

Is there really any strategy to the game of Yahtzee? Or, speaking of game shows, Wheel of Fortune? Seriously, beyond alphabet and counting to six, what’s there to do with either? Once one realizes that opposite sides of a single die will always add up to seven, well…actually, that won’t even help. Sad, really.

As I tap this away, I am listening to an audio book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as read by Douglas Adams, himself. Just listening to him, he seriously should have been a member of Monty Python. He did some writing for them, but should have been more as his and their combined brilliance should have frightened fundamentalist politicals, fundamentalist religious or fundamentalists in favour of Spam sandwiches.

Have my daughters this weekend, even for an extra night as my folks will have them for the day on Monday. Not huge plans, but should be heading north to Orillia on Saturday. Did Blue Rodeo or “Stompin'” Tom Connor ever write a tune about Orillia? Why not? They play hockey in Orillia…Connor wrote “The Hockey Song”…ipso facto, he should write a tune about Orillia.

Anyhow, seems I have been bad lately and need to get my writing juices (amongst others) flowing more again.

…just keep swimming….just keep swimming…


  1. G. has the same problem with tv, but he does watch Sons of Guns on the Discovery Channel. He’s totally into guns, and those guys make some cool ones. Otherwise he sticks with YouTube. I, on the other hand, have been sucked into things like Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen!

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