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One that balances in the water and regardless of weather or current gives direction.  One that dances upon the waves…that beckons and calls…that any confident seaman would ignore.

Please take me dancing tonight I’ve been all on my own

You promised one day we could its, what you said on the phone

I’m just a prisoner of love always hid from the light

Take me dancing, please take me dancing tonight

The word is close to boy, isn’t it?  For a guy this should be a boy…a buddy…one who thinks with the same difficulty blocking out the little head.

But it isn’t.  She was my buoy…my balance…my centre…and I pushed her away.

She was my balance, my outer conscious, my voice from without.  She was the one I should have listened to, the one I yearned for, the one who would have completed me…and I missed the boat.

Mental lust still exists, stronger than even the little head could comprehend…but realism rules and knows it could not be.  The lust for her breast, her loins…and above all else, her mind.  Frightening thought when a goddess could have that much control.  An unadmitted dominance that with but a single word from her gorgeous voice could drive a man to do the unthinkable…to do her whim…to live his dream.

To be with her would make me a religious man…she is would be the gold to my panhandle…the water to my thirst…the air to my breath…the dream to my sleep…a dream which, not all that long ago, I did not realize I had.

Alas, I will live my life…as will she.  I will float in the water and tread in site of her buoy, but never able to reach it…never able to embrace it…never able to caress it…but simply due to my own pride and misunderstanding.

Is it love?  Is it lust?  Does it matter?

So here am I in a stolen car at a traffic light

They go form red to green and so I just drive into the night

She was my buoy.

…this post was supposed to be erotic…but it got lost in my mental lust.


  1. But I think it is erotic…..it paints a picture of longing and angst…of desire left unfulfilled. It might not include any actual touching but that doesnt mean it is not erotic, there is something very raw about this post, it leaves me wanting to know more, who is she, why didn’t you go for it, does she know you feel like this……


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