Play Your Part

Controller or controlled?

Pick one.

If the first was picked, odds are good it is a lie.

As Shakespeare said, all just players on the stage awaiting the next line to be written by someone else.

These days, however, the only scripts being read are fluff. Any lines written with any sustenance to them are viewed with disdain and paranoia as they tend to go against the traditions…against the historical teachings…against the scriptures…against the what was said by the founding fathers.

Problem is the founding fathers and all those who wrote tradition, historical teachings and scripture are dead.

Why are the dead given more respect than the living? Those who are out of reach are trusted more than those one can actually discuss philosophy, spirituality and morality with.

Does anyone think that the dead founding fathers had globalization in mind when they drew up constitutions hundreds of years ago? Did they imagine the internet? Did they imagine terrorism and the Cold War?

Scripture and traditions…same questions. In addition, did scripture know that one day science would be able to reasonably disprove deities?

These questions are obviously moot when speaking of history books. They are documenting what was, not what is.

People live in the “is” as well…yet continue to play the parts handed to them by the “was”. Marriage…religion…political values…these are all things that drag on the modern experience. Each makes people feel angry, dead or comfortably numb…or some combination there of. Yet more and more lines are written with these things in mind and read happily as they are the fast food of the sheep mind.

These recent riots are proof. People are angry that their parts are being written out…their entitlements are being taken away. Regardless of sustainability economically, socially, or whatever…the parts written for these people are unhappy about having to potentially learn new lines.

They are no longer comfortable.

People do not like it when the part they are used to playing gets rewritten…at least not at first. Change is frightening. Change adds an unknown to those who expect and want to deal with that they know.

The real frightening bit is that this economic downturn or second dip in the pool of recession is the beginning…just the beginning…of a major rewrite of many parts…perhaps most.

Are you ready to learn new lines?


  1. Very thought-provoking. I am not good with change unless I am an active part in it; not controller, but collaborator. In that I can be quite flexible.

    The Founding Fathers were rebels and I don’t believe they ever felt we should stagnate in yesterday’s perceptions.


    1. Agreed. The “Founding Fathers” and those who set things up were intelligent, no question. For the time, they were what was needed. But when we lean on the constitutions and scriptures too much, then we no longer allow for that type of intellectual rebellion, as you say, to exist today.

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