That One Guitar

Finally almost set in my temporary place. Likely here at least through August and likely September before I get a proper apartment for myself.

I have had the old 80s retro tunes going all evening…and that’s a great thing. Still have Foreigner going at the moment with their remake of Jukebox Hero mixed with Led Zepplin’s Whole Lotta Lovin’.

Anyhow, I had promised myself to get some writing done the last few days, but did not. Hoping to get back on that tomorrow or Sunday…hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday I have one final trip north to pick up the last of my furniture which is my girl’s toy boxes and my office chair. Already have the computer desk and electronics…just no chair. Probably why I did not get the writing done as not great for the back trying to do it sitting on the bed.

Anyhow, almost to temporary normal. Hopefully to what will be future full time normal in about ten weeks. We’ll see what happens.

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