Evolving Again

My friend, Molly, did a review on my blog the other day and mentioned how it has been evolving since I started back in October. Considering how my life keeps evolving, no real surprise that the look of my blog would as well.

As it stands, I am evolving again. Currently I am in the midst of my 25th address change in my near 41 years. Half of these moves came before I was out on my own at 20, so in that sense it has been fairly even.

Long story short (too late!”), I am actually back in the city. This move will happen in phases, however. Over the next two weeks I will be back and forth to the old place to collect my stuff. Also, I will be staying at my folks’ place for the next month to two months while I find an apartment. Odds are good I will land somewhere in Toronto’s east end, probably Scarborough (the far eastern borough within Toronto) or Pickering (the first municipality east of Toronto proper, but still part of the GTA – General Toronto Area) either for the first of September or October.

I suspect my horse riding is at an end. Odds are I will be restarting that gym membership shortly. .

So why? Why am I doing this? Why move from the rural community of 800 back to the metropolis of five-ish million that I often complain about? Let us not kid ourselves, Toronto leans so far left generally that I am seen as a conservative atheist.

Where I was, I was getting depressed. I would come home from work and sequester myself in my office while writing and Tweeting all evening or playing video games. The streets of that town were never unrolled, so to suggest they were ever rolled up during the day is moot.

Much as I complain about cities, I have discovered I am a city boy. I need people, not necessarily in a structured scheduled event. I want to know my bartender and for said bartender to be stumbling distance from home. I want my local cinema to be less than a half hour drive around. I like using mass transit when it is not packed as then I can sight see in my own town.

It took a year of rural living for me to understand this. I did enjoy the quiet of the rural…but it was too quiet.
As of tomorrow I will have been sleeping in the metropolis for a week now, and already my mind is starting to clear.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all of this is that I will be back closer to my girls again. I have chosen, over the past year, to skip a few of their events as it was too much mileage. The last examples were skipping their singing recital a month back as it was a three hour drive involved…which makes economic sense, however, I did not like it.

This reset is also going to be a little bigger than previous moves. I am dumping a lot of my stuff and starting over. I have come to the realization that I simply have too much stuff that I do not use. Too many clothes that I do not wear. Going up there will be more about getting my stuff out of the house and dropping it at the local Goodwill store as opposed to keeping it. I am not suggesting I am a hoarder by any means, but I have many things that I keep saying I will use, books that I say I will read, and they sit there collecting dust.

Being I may end up in a bachelor apartment, I will be cutting very hard. Anything that is one the fence must go. No reasonable offer will be refused. Does anyone want a used Foreman Grill?

Actually, the Foreman is my usual mode of cooking, but my plan there is upgrading when I get to my new place as mine is a ten year old model. Another planned update will be my computer and my wardrobe.

I have been saying how “it’s time to change” for ten years now. My plan is finally taking this into account. This could be interesting.

I already have the new job. Now it is time for the rest.


  1. Interesting comment about rural vs. city. I’m also a city guy at heart, even though I don’t live in one anymore. I love the people, the lunch options, the surge of energy… it’s a nice break to drive through the countryside and see horses and farms, but oddly enough I’ve discovered I need the hustle and bustle to truly be at ease.

  2. I too swing between needing city or country. I grew up country but I find living rural allows me to get away with being a hermit all too well. Change is good. Change you choose to make for your own well being is even better than you can initially see.
    Hope it’s a smooth transition for you. xoxo

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