Just the Once

Welcome, stranger. Tie your horse to the branches there and take a load off.  There’s water there and oats if ya need.

Must admit I’m surprised to see anyone else in these here parts. Not exactly a path or anything. Normally l ride alone, but good to have an ear to speak to for a change.

I got lots, so I can offer you biscuits and broth if it suits yer belly. I even have an extra wine flask if ya want somethin’ finer than grits and sauce.

Do I know you from somewheres? Ya look so familiar. I reckon you look just like the manager of the Casper Inn when I was last in Wyoming a few months back. That was back before winter hit and snow flew.

Blaze, that’s my stallion tied up there, well he don’t much like the cold so we rode south.

Now where was I? Oh…Wyoming. The Casper Inn.

The manager was a jackass, but there was this dame. She was a goddess, lemme tell ya.

She had red curls down her back. Her eyes were green and her smile was like morning sun reflecting off a fresh snow. Powerful legs and curves…I like curves…always afraid I may break a skinny one.

Met her at the bar and bought her a drink. She smiled at me and had me by the balls with that gorgeous grin of her’s. I sat and talked with her all proper and you’ve no idea how I wanted to spread her legs and have my way right there on the bar.

Luckily, she had a better idea. I invited her to my room and she gave me a shy grin. She refused, so I figured I wasn’t gonna get anywhere, but instead she asked me to walk her to her place across the street. Being a gentleman, I did.

She led me across and down this alley. Bloody dark alley, too. So dark I could barely see her when she turned on me. The woman”s hands were all over at me and had my pants round my ankles before I could spit. I tell ya, the woman was on her knees and sucking my dick better than any dame before. She was an expert or somethin’.

I couldn’t see a damn thing, but felt her bend over in front of me and, well, who am I to say no to a lady? She screamed with delight. I think I lost myself and did the same…just the once, anyhow as I don’t normally lose myself like that.

Anyways, we ended up in her apartment and she saved my horse plenty of times that night.  Then, that jackass of a manager from the hotel come bustin’ in as I reckon she was his wife and I laughed as I ran back to the hotel.

Now hold on here, you really do look like him, ya know.  And…wait a second now…put the gun down.  You can have my horse, even.  I only did her just the once!