What Do Stars Do?

The Shine over Toronto

“They shine…” Yvaine said to Tristan before the television screen they embraced upon filled with yellow light.

“Aw, I love this part,” Mary said and lay her head on Tom’s lap.

Tom grunted as he felt his erection form and try to push up on her ear.

Mary swatted him.  “Be quiet and watch.”  She stayed where she was on his lap during the final scenes of Stardust and gave one last sigh as the two main characters became stars in the night sky.  “That isn’t how Gaiman wrote the book, though.  Quite a bit of a different.”

Tom’s blue eyes glared down at her.  His short blonde hair was tussled and looked as though he had just woken up from a long sleep.

Mary turned making sure her short brunette curls dragged along his hardened cock.  “You should make love to me like I was Yvaine and you were Tristan.”

Tom’s eyes rolled.

“You’d like it.”  She turned and kissed his shaft and ran her tongue along it.  “I don’t know that a star would give a mere mortal a blow job, though.  And could you imagine how much she would shine if he made her cum?”

Tom’s head fell back against the white cushion of the couch they sat on.  He grunted again before meeting her brown eyes again.

“You’re not ready,” she said flatly.  “Okay, we’ll watch Titanic, and then we’ll make love.”

Tom’s eyes widened and he almost felt his lunch come back up.  Considering the duct tape across his mouth, it would not have gone very far.  He also tested and found that Mary was good with knots, being neither his hands nor feet were able to slip the ropes she had on him.

She got up and changed the DVD in the player.

Tom’s naked body slumped, except the erection.

She turned back just as the screen showed the usual FBI warning.  “I’ll untie you if you make me shine.  Better yet, I’ll make you king of the world.”

Tom made a mental note to never ever have another one night stand once he got out of here.

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  1. This soooooo made me laugh. And reminded me of a one night stand I wrote about that WAS true, where I woke up in bed with a man and his two ShihTzus watching Praise The Lord club on tv:-)

  2. I haven’t watched or read Stardust yet. I liked Nevermore. It’s hard to resist reading about a utopia/ dystopia.

    I really like writing with a twist, especially with a man in submission/ bondage. I will probably use this idea as some kind of male torment later for my own fiction.

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