Tale of a Divorced Father

Another long weekend ends much too quickly. Now into Sunday afternoon and rapidly approaching the time to take my daughters home.

One is home shortly from her horse riding lesson. The eldest is currently trying her hand at a computer game, Civilzation V.

This weekend has included fireworks, dog walks and much too much time on the computer. Sometimes I wish these weekends would never end…then again, I would not enjoy them the same way if they did.

We have been doing ‘Daddy Weekends’ now for eight years now. Lately, there are some issues as my eldest develops and now has a ‘woman problem’ that she is too embarrassed to talk to me about. I know as I do actually need to know and her mother has told me.

This could be our last weekend with the horses. I suspect that this week I will be returning to the city. It may not happen, but we will wait and see what this week holds.

I started this post about three hours ago.

Just dropped them home and going to be bad by drowning my sorrows in a Slurpee. Could be worse…

Melancholy in leaving my kids, as usual. Lately we have been having great weekends together.

Part of my pull back to the city is I have decided I live too far away from them. Ninety minute drive home alone after dropping them is bad enough, but add to that I am unable to attend a lot of their events due to distance.

Ah well, all due to my own choices. Onward and upward.


  1. ‘woman problem’? Cringes at these words…..please please comfort me by telling me that is not what she has been taught to call it? It is not a problem but a part of every womans life that shows she is no longer a child but a woman….something to celebrate if anything. I understand she might not want to discuss it with you, it is a new thing to her that she has probably yet to really accept about herself let alone sharing it with her Father but not a problem just a new chapter in her life.


    1. Actually, that is what my youngest called it. Who, incidentally, will not be much longer before going through it herself.

      Of course you are correct in it is a coming of age thing. It is just one that dad…at least this dad, is not supposed to know about.

      1. I understand about her finding it difficult to share with Dad, I just hope that someone puts them right on the name thing, it feels like it has very negative connotations to me and it is a pet hate of mine to think that any young woman feels that about a natural and normal part of their body, having spent many years myself thinking believing it was something very undesirable about me.


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