Been sitting with the doberman watching Fantasia and Frantasi 2000 tonight.

I have assured him that he has seen these before…but he still sits there with that stunned dobermam look he always gives me. The same one he gives me every night…the stunned look of shock and horror when I do my best Tom Hanks impression…”This isn’t your room.”

Speaking of Hanks, hard to believe that Fantasia 2000 came out the year after Toy Story 2. Twelve years since Donald did Pomp and Circumstance, the Rhapsody in Blue swung to the beat of a jackhammer and whales flew above the clouds. The Rhapsody in Blue one is my fav from that film. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice even made an encore appearance in that film and, from what I can see, is the only bit of either Fantasia film to inspire a film all of its own.

Regardless, the doberman is not impressed. He just put himself to bed, so now I watch alone.

For time travel purposes, I am watching the films in reverse order, I should point out.

A thought did cross my mind earlier. I would like to see them do another one of these. Similar style with mostly classical music. Like Rhapsody in Blue from 2000, though, one tune that is different. Maybe I am just being a homer Canadian here, but what anout one of the many rock instrumentals a band like Rush has done over the years.

Well, just a thought.

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