Conference in the Cottage

Author’s note…this is chapter four of The Evolution of Alice O’Connor…be warned, dear reader, that chapters one, two and three are not erotica.  Though there will be further chapters including such, the over-all larger work is intended as more science fiction, than anything.

October 18, 1972, 10pm, just east of Gary, Indiana

“You sure you don’t mind?  What are you, six foot? You’ll never fit on that thing.” Bette stood in front of the full leangth mirror beside the bed pulling a brush through her brunette hair.  It fell most of the way down the back of her white tee shirt to the waistband of her blue jeans.

Neville looked at the tiny piece of furniture that Tony, the owner of the motel, had referred to as a sofa. “No, I’ll be fine.” He folded his shirt and left it on the tiny dresser at the end of the double bed.  “If I am too uncomfortable, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

The sofa, more a love seat, was a burgundy fabric and lived under the front window of the cottage. The kitchenette was along the back wall beside the bathroom. The room itself was faux log cabin style.  The kitchen had been filled with enough food and drinks for the next two nights.  Tony had even left a mickey of scotch, a six pack of beer, and two small wine bottles…one red and one white.

“I have a question,” Neville said as he opened the drawer of the dresser. As with Mavis’ safe house the night before, there was a new set of clothes waiting for him. He ran his hand over his short blonde hair and closed the drawer again. He still wore his black slacks and his white undershirt.

Bette tried not to look at Neville and his rippling chest muscles. She had not truly noticed just how athletic Neville was until he had taken off his shirt moments ago. “What?”

“We need to discuss a few things.”  Neville sat on the tiny love seat and scratched his chin.  “We need to have a conference on what is going on.”

Bette glanced over at him.  “A conference? That wasn’t a question.”

“Why are we staying in one place so long? Why are we not traveling again tomorrow.”

Bette shook her head. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Now hold on here. I volunteered for this. It seems to me, I should know the general plan.”

Bette ignored him and continued brushing.

Neville walked around the bed and stood behind her. “Bette, I want a fucking answer. If I’m going to protect Alice…”

Bette turned on the taller younger man and held her brush threateningly with her right hand. “You’re protecting?”

“Yes, we…”

“You have no fucking clue what you have gotten yourself into here.” Bette’s face turned red. “This is my life…”

Neville grabbed her wrist holding the brush. “And now it is my life, too!”

She slapped him with her left hand.  “Don’t you…”

“Don’t what?” Neville gasped, and felt his cheek with his free hand. His blue eyes wide with shock.

Bette then reached up and grasped the back of his neck. She pulled him down to her level and planted the wettest kiss she had ever planted on anyone.

As the kiss broke, another gasp from Neville. His eyes even wider.

She looked up at him. “Of course you’re right. We’re both protecting her.”

Neville looked relieved.

“I’ll tell you what you need to know on one condition.” Bette was breathing hard as well.


“I need to fuck you, right now.” The good Catholic girl that Bette had grown up as was shocked by the words that escaped her lips. She was even surprised further as, with little effort, Neville ripped her white tee shirt at the collar and had it off of her.  A vision of her twelfth grade algebra teacher, Sister Mary-Anne, danced through her head before she blocked it out.

Neville kissed her again as his hands pulled the zipper down on her jeans and unfastened the button. They slipped down with her panties. “You’re so tiny,” he whispered. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She looked up at him as her hands worked on getting his pants off. “We’ll call this a teaching conference than, shall we? We’ll teach you just how unbreakable I am.”

Neville chuckled. “Always good to learn new things.” He assisted pushing his own pants and underwear to the ground. He was left in his undershirt.

Bette, with nothing but her bra still on, tackled him onto the bed. She crawled between his legs and sat back on her knees. Her tiny hands grasped his forming erection and began stroking him. “Wow,” she said looking closely at it.

Neville enjoyed the touch. “Come on, I’m not that big.”

Bette grinned. “Not that small either. However, I’m just thinking it is too long since I held one.”

“Oh, I see.”

“And since I licked one.” Her tongue found the base and ran up his length.

Neville moaned with enjoyment.  “Please…continue.”

“Or, for that matter, much too long since I sucked on one.”

Neville locked eyes with her and watched his erection vanish between Bette’s lips. He shook his head, “Any time you want to do that, please…I will take these learning conferences whenever you like.”

She stopped and giggled. “Well,” she said in a low secretive voice. “What I really like is to 69.”

Neville was surprised at her even knowing what that was.

“But with out size differences, I doubt that is happening. Just have to take turns.” Her eyes studied the veins and head of his erection before sucking it into her mouth again. She kept him in, this time, until he began squirming and filled her mouth with semen. She licked her lips after swallowing it all.

Neville tried to sit up.

Bette was too fast, though. She was up and pushed him back down before straddling his head with her powerful legs. She soon found she was right in that while Neville’s tongue quickly found her clitoris, she lay forward on him. The top of Bette’s head only got to Neville’s belly button. Her hands reached further, and worked to bring his erection back to attention.

Neville explored her vagina with his lips. His hands reached up and grasped her ass to pull her harder on the his face. He even let his fingers push into her anus, and was surprised at how she wanted more. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth as far as she could. He had his pointer finger in her ass to the second knuckle as she started to orgasm and her juices sprayed, literally, on to his face.

This time, Bette allowed Neville to guide her.

He pushed her off of his face and then onto her back on the bed. He knelt between her legs and grasped each of her ankles. Neville pulled her ankles so that they rested up on his shoulders, one on each side of his neck. He started to suck on her toes just as he pushed his erection inside her.

Bette screamed in pleasure. She bent her legs and planted her feet flat on his chest so he could get deeper.

Neville pounded his 23 year old cock into her 34 year old body like piston.

Bette orgasmed just ahead of him and sprayed again.

Neville allowed his cock to explode inside her before quickly dismounting and his lips returning to taste their mixed juices.

Bette slipped onto her right side and Neville snuggled in behind her.

“Thank you,” she whispered and bent her neck to kiss him.

Neville accepted the kiss without words.

“For starters, we cannot go tomorrow as the next safe house won’t be ready yet.”

“Okay, I understand,” he whispered and nibbled her ear lobe.

Bette giggled. “We’ll be stopping in Parkston next.”


“South Dakota.”

“Ah, I’ve never been laid in the Dakotas. Good to know that may change.”

Bette playfully smacked him.

“Oh, am I wrong?”

“Hell, no. Other than eating, I’m not letting you out of this room tomorrow.  You’ll get laid in Dakota as well.”

Those words seemed to wake his erection up again. Neville grasped it with his hand. He pulled his upper torso back from her shoulder. “Well, I think we need one more conference before we sleep…if that’s okay with you.”

“Fuck, yes,” she whispered as she felt him slide his cock back into her.

October 20, 1972, 9am

“Thank you, Tony.” Bette pulled the tall black man down and kissed his cheek.

“Bette, for you, anytime.”  He stepped to Neville and offered his hand.  “Neville, it has been an honor.  You take care of these princesses now.”

Neville shook Tony’s hand.  “Yes, sir.”

“Don’t be calling me sir, now.  Make me feel all old.”  He slapped Neville’s shoulder and both chuckled.  Tony then stepped to the open back door of the white Datsun.  “As for you, Princess Alice.  If you ever have a problem, come find Tony.”

Alice cooed and her tiny arms reached up to him.

“Considering you three have not run into trouble yet, perhaps this trip is blessed.”  Tony stepped back from the car and closed the door.  Compared to the white Datsun, his red plaid shirt and blue jeans made him look bright.

“Tony, a quick question.”  Bette took his hand in hers.

“Of course, Bette, anything.”

Neville walked around the car and waited.  He already knew what she would ask.

“You said the motel was full.  Why have we not seen anyone else?”

Tony’s seven foot body shook with laughter.  “Ole’ Tony got instructions from a higher power.”

“You’re atheist, Tony? Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Bette, but don’t tell the locals that.  T’wouldn’t be good for business.  Miss Mavis, however, phoned after you left Erie and told me I was to put you two in the same room.  Seems she thinks herself something of a matchmaker.”  Tony led Bette to the car and opened the door.  “Now, much as I enjoy talking to you young folk, you better get moving.  I’ll be in Yukon, myself, hopefully a month behind you.”

Neville popped open his door.  “Thank you, Tony.  And I already knew Mavis was a higher power.”  He lowered himself into the vehicle, closed the door and started the ignition.

Bette gave Tony one more kiss on the cheek before she slipped into the car and Tony closed her door.

Tony stood and watched the car pull out of the dirt parking lot and back onto the road before going into his office.  He picked up the phone and dialed without looking.  “Wendy, it is Tony.”  A big smile appeared.  “They are on their way to you, my love, but Tony has a bad feeling.”  His smile evaporated.  “Yes, ole’ Tony remembers what happened the last time he had a bad feeling, and that’s why I will be right behind them.  Do you have room?”  He allowed a guarded chuckle.  “Yes, we’ll have a conference or something.  I hope that is all it will be.”


    1. As always, thank you m’lady. Don’t know if you recall me discussing something a long time back about a much longer piece I was working on. This is it, finally. I have the bare bones of about 40 chapters of this done that I’m now fleshing out. Closest I’ve come, to date, of actually finishing something akin to a novel.

    1. Neville is a funny character in that he is partly based on my mother. Being my mother is short, Irish and very Catholic, key term is “partly”.

      In the 50s and 60s there was a huge migration of Irish and British to Canada and, though I had not yet brought it up in his back story, he is part of that.

      Thank you so much.

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