Sunny Days

Driving over to get milk as one little girl decided the breakfast table needed more than her cereal dish this morning.

I hate these stores. Limit of four on toilet paper today as four different customers ahead of me have carts full. They must be full of it.

Also, as I was driving in there was this dude cruising along on his scooter through the parking lot. No wonder this place has speed bumps. The guy is missing the little orange flag on the back and oxygen tank, however. We should get daredevils like him off the road.

This is definitely a summer day I will regret. Too much sun. Seriously, I prefer less sun and more snow. Between my much to fair skin and my like of sweaters, this should be no surprise. In the really cold weather, one can always put on another sweater…in the really hot weather, there is only so much one can take off.

Obviously, I live in the right country. If it were not here, probably most comfort would come in one of the nordic European countries or even Siberia.

Ah well, I shall persevere and suffer through the summer until the snow flies once again.

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