Dog and Butterfly

After a break from the online world that lasted the better part of 48 hours, my head is finally feeling like it screwed on with the proper torque again…though I do wonder if the threads were stripped while trying to fix it.

Anyhow, will get to discussing that another day…tonight, my daughters are snoring in the next room after we laughed through a viewing of Muppets from Space tonight.  Not my favourite Muppet film…not even close, but not too bad.  And seriously, who did not already know that Gonzo was an alien?  For the record, the best thing the Muppets have done since Henson’s death was when they were owned by Disney and did Muppet Treasure Island.  Although, the second series, The Muppets Tonight did show some sparks in the few episodes it did get back in the mid 90s.

Tonight, however, I wanted to share something I have that is going down rather easily on the ears tonight.  Always put the music on to fall asleep to and tonight I chose an older acoustic live show that Heart did…the cd is called The Road Home…the song, I’m sure most of you know it, but I wanted to share this version (and not having watched the whole thing, I hope it is as good as the recording I have)…cheers, and sleep sweet.

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