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Not all that long ago, one income drove a family.

A man would bring home a wage enough to pay for a home, transportation, and keep his wife and two kids in relative luxury.

Sexism aside, one income did this.

How is it that western society has evolved to the point where both spouses need full-time incomes and the, now 1.2 children are brought up bu day care workers?

This is an improvement?

In this capitalist theory to keep up with our neighbors, people never have enough money to do the thing that the commercials tell people that they need to do. The same commercials that remind people that, because they work hard, they deserve the very best.

Forgetting to point out, of course, that the very best will come at 19.5% interest, on approved credit.

Society is out of control on this to the point of absurdity.

Society has no self control.

People subscribe to fantasy thinking that life will be complete when that new car is sitting in the driveway…which will be in the scrap yard two years before the financing payments end. Also, these people then complain as gas prices rise for said vehicle, but have no real choice as it gets them to work so they can get paid in order to afford everything else.

People also believe that life is not complete without that university degree…only to be paying off student loans until retirement. These loans are thrust upon 18 year olds who do not understand what the word ‘future’ means…never mind what it holds.

Who to blame?

Greed, plain and simple. Greed is the ugly elephant that sits in the capitalist garage and hopes no one notices.

Businesses have become living and breathing entities that greed causes them to always want more market share to help get share holders more dividends. Consumers are greedy in never having enough and always wanting the newest, shinier widget. This confluence leaves the consumer writing a blank check with ever commercial a marketer posts yelling the words “Buy today!”

How does this get solved?

Education. For a long times, schools have been practicing the “three R’s”. Reading, writing, and arithmetic. It would be helpful if an F and an N were added to these three R’s.

N being nutrition…or perhaps add an E as well for exercise. This reason is a problem, however, as there are too many pharma companies that would lose money if we had children knowing how to keep themselves healthier.

The F, of course, is finances…and not the simple home economics courses that were taken back in high school. These courses need to be much more intense.

Another thought is that adverts need to stop focusing on children. Nag factor of this aside, as children are very good at nagging their parents into buying things, a child’s brain is not set up to defend against the bombardment of advertising.

But this would not be capitalism…not the market driven economic hand.

True, but the correction on the capitalist system would be to make it only for the educated. For those that can at least get past some of the lack of truth in advertising.

A closing personal note on this…I am not trying to speak from a pulpit here. Twenty years ago I walked into university and was handed my first Visa card. With no idea how to use it properly, I did some serious damage to my finances. Even now, this still haunts me as it is like fighting an addiction to not do it again. I blame myself for not educating ahead of time, but at 18 I was simply not mature enough to think of such. I also blame credit card companies for making billions on the backs of suckers like I was. As such, I am speaking here from experience…

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  1. I’d like to see food adds banned after 6pm on tv as you shouldn’t be eating after that time anyway & it just makes you hungry.

    The arguement of finances here in Oz is that while the cost of living has risen expedentially our incomes have not.

    I went to market yesterday to buy fruit & a punnet of Raspberries was $10…that’s just ridiculous! It is actually cheaper to eat wrong than it is to eat healthy in this day and age.

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