Best Trail Ride Ever!

“Good fit,” the young blonde said to Ham.

Ham smiled and pulled the brim of his cap down to keep the sun from his eyes.

“Let me check your stirrup length.” She walked around Harvey and sinched up the stirrup so Ham could reach.

Harvey whinnied a complaint of the saddle being too tight.

The blonde’s name was Hailey. She and Wayne owned the farm and the twenty horses they used for lessons.

Ham had a day to kill, and that thought always made him chuckle, before his dad’s funeral. He had made a few calls and, after offering enough money, he had Hailey and Wayne to lead him around the horse trails.

Wayne, a young beast of a redhead in tight blue jeans and a plaid blue work shirt, returned up the path with two white horses in tow.

Hailey guided Ham’s foot into one stirrup before rounding Harvey to do the other. Hainley was tall and curvy. Her face was cute and round with a lot of freckles. She had a black work shirt and blue jeans that were just tight enough.

Ham scratched at his shoulder through his green hoody. His blue jeans stretched tightly as he felt his balls ache up against the hard leather of the saddle.

The paddock was flat and sandy. White paint peeled off the surrounding wooden fence.

Wayne tied one of the two horses off to the fence. He quickly mounted the other one. His horse, Yukon, then led Ham and Harvey into the paddock.

Hailey closed the gate and watched as Wayne instructed Ham on some basics.

Ham watched carefully, his brain multitasking in listening to Wayne comments on “Don’t pull on his mouth”, and watching Hailey’s manorisms.

Hailey then let them out of the paddock, closed the gate, and mounted Bobby.

The three rode their steeds towards some trees at the edge of the road.

Ham watched carefully as they rode along. He made small talk with both and soon had them roaring with laughter.

The first leg of the trip was an hour until the group found a clearing for a lunch break.

Ham had packed sandwiches in his backpack for all, as well as a bottle of red wine and three glasses. With how well the both had responded to his humour, he produced the bottle without showing the emergency Pepsi bottle in case he expected not to get anywhere with Hailey. With Wayne’s reaction, had he swung that way, he was convinced he could have had either of them.

They sat and ate their sandwiches as clouds began to block out the sun.

Ham played the sympathy card, explaining his trip was for his father’s funeral. Hailey responded with the expected “aw” and even slipped a hug around him. Wayne had a bemused look on his face, but offered condolences.

Ham was just ready to push Hailey when a light rain started. Quickly the three were back on their horses and heading home.

The ride home was much quicker. The rain fell off and on, but the clouds above made the earlier sun a distant memory. They arrived back at the barn and had the horses away in no time.

Hailey walked to the door frame and watched the rain as it picked up intensity. She leaned against it, showing off her curves as Ham joined her. “How about we wait until the rain lightens up. We could finish that wine.”

There three each pulled up a hay bale and sat. Wayne was not too interested in the wine, but he produced some beer. It was not long before the wine was gone and both Hailey and Ham were on their second beer.

“Dude,” Wayne shook his massive head. “You’re gonna have to stay here tonight. Can’t let you drive home after drinking that much.”

Hailey giggled, sitting beside Ham, and her hand slipped to his thigh. “Can we keep him?”

Wayne chuckled.

In a deeper voice, Hailey asked another question. “Can I have him?”

Wayne’s chuckle stopped. He slowly nodded.

Before Ham could complain, not that he would have, Hailey had his jeans undone. She knelt in front of him and quickly had the tip of his soft penis in her mouth. It was not soft for long.

Ham leaned back.  “I will admit, my balls ache a bit from slamming against the saddle.”

Hailey looked up at him.  “Oh, do they now.  Stand up.”

Ham did as instructed and helped push his pants down to his knees.

Hailey then lightly licked his balls.

Ham grunted his approval.  He watched as Wayne stood off his hay bale and dropped his pants behind Hailey.  Wayne then dropped to his knees and slipped Hailey’s pants down to her knees.  He then got on all fours and Ham lost sight of Wayne’s face as he went to work between Hailey’s legs.

Hailey’s blowjob was soft and playful.  Never much depth, but a lot of tongue dancing up and down the shaft and over the tip.  A lot of spitting and saliva and she did it all with a big smile that had grown with Wayne’s face behind her.

Wayne pulled back and was upright on his knees before pushing his erection where his face had previously been.

Hailey’s grin grew wider.  Her hands started helping her lips work on Ham’s penis.

Ham gasped and almost lost his balance as he orgasmed over Hailey’s smile and even into her hair.  Luckily, it seemed, none in the eyes.

She wiped it off and licked her fingers as Wayne soon followed suit behind her.

Ham slumped backward onto his hay bale.  A stray piece of hay pricked his ass, however.  He jumped up and his pelvis knocked Hailey in the face, breaking her nose with an audible crack.

Hailey screamed and slammed back into Wayne, who had been trying to stand up.  Hailey sat back on his awkwardly positioned knee, causing it to bend into a position that would leave most squeamish.

Ham would later explain to the ambulance driver that this was all due to Hailey falling off one of the horses.  The three decided it was likely easier than trying to explain the actual injuries.  The worst part, however, was trying to get Wayne back into his jeans as he screamed.

Ham slowly drove back to his hotel.  “I wonder,” he whispered to himself just loud enough to hear over Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly on the radio.  He then shook his head.  “Funeral is tomorrow.  I can’t hurt anyone then, can I?”

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