Songs of Rapture

I have been trying to write a few hymns for Rapture and this has brought me to one astounding conclusion:

If one is atheist, all one can do is laugh at this silliness.

This entire bull shit is another example of how fundamentalists within a cult…er, sorry…religion have become the squeaky wheel. Only difference this time is that these fundamentalists went to the press with the fictional prophecy instead of randomly crashing airplanes into tall buildings.

The similarities, however, is that those Christians who are not believing in the Rapture are simply patting the fundamentalists on the collective heads and pointing out how funny this is.

Every religion is only as good as its lowest common fundamentalist.

Unless fundamentalism is denounced, than anyone claiming to be in that religion is guilty of aiding and abetting.

It is still fascinating how the leaders of the sect and their followers will go to work on Monday and simply say “Whoops, see you in December 2012…” while atheists still have a president on the US that believes they are not real citizens (check quote from George Bush Sr…I’m doing this from memory on my mobile, otherwise I would post it).

Atheists are the one group that really do not have fundamentalists…yet. Although I do sense that it is coming.

The problem with atheists is that we all tend to consider ourselves “free-thinkers”…not a bad thing save the fact that it is hard to organize a group of free-thinkers on a political level. Again, however, this is something starting to peak over the horizon.

I believe the US Tea Party movement…the Teabaggers (and this is not a comment on their sexual practices that I am aware of)…have spurred atheists into some action. The Tea Party has shown how, even in this “modern” age a belief in the unfounded and unproven can bring a strong group of people together.

Thanks, in part, to social networking sites, there are actual loosely knit groups of atheists evolving. Likely this comes from our collective geekdom and the realization that no one listens to a single voice when they are staring at you with an army.

Anyhow, here is hoping than one Harold Camping is arrested on fraud and murder charges over today. The murder would be circumstantial, of course, but I have little doubt some of his flock will be jumping off bridges tonight.

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