Thinking is Hard

Robin Williams once pointed out that men only have enough blood to use one head at a time…and when thinking is required, the other head gets jealous.

Good thing the little head does not have a real voice, or dudes would never get anything done. Well…unless that voice was muffled because it was inside of someone else. That is what keeps it warm and happy.

Imagine the screaming of such a voice, though. First thing every morning it would scream, “I’M FUCKING COLD!!!”

Of course, it would use the word ‘fuck” or ‘fucking’ as often as possible, simply for purposes of suggestion.

“That fucking zipper hurts!”

“I’m fucking lonely!”

“You’re hand is fucking boring!”

“She’d fuck me!”

“FUCK! I’M GOING IN!…don’t fucking wait up.”

No doubt it would use ‘fellatio’ and ‘orgasm’ as well, but those words just do not have the same flexibility in use.

“Cum over here, darlin’…fuck!”

The little head is proof of the one track mind. It is the union head that can cause most of the rest of the body to go into work stoppage out of protest over the hot brunette that just walked past…wipe the drool off the chin before she notices.

What do you mean that it is not drool? Hair gel?

This tool, when used correctly can…well, okay, there is no using the little head correctly. It is a guy’s lot in life to silence it as often as possible…again, usually by muffling it inside of something or someone.

Sad, really…but what were we thinking? Or…were we even thinking at all?

If it actually did think, guys could never eat sausage…on the other hand, guys would want to watch others eat sausage as often as possible…and bananas…and pickles…and ice cream.

There have been many a film made about the little head’s misuse of the power it has. Films like American Pie, Porky’s, or even Star Wars (no story without Vader’s lust for Amadala)…Dick has control over every man, everywhere.

On an unrelated note, the two Bush presidents got in when men thought they were voting for a pussy. Perhaps not so unrelated as this was the Dick vote. Speaking of which, why did no one make the joke about DICK Chenney controlling George BUSH? That would be the other way around in real life.

Think about it. The little head has no lips. It just stands and nods when the pussy speaks. Being the pussy does all the talking, again it is more proof that the little head is not required to do any thinking…just screaming…



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