Best Little Death Ever!

“Yip! Look at the cash!”

Gray awoke to darkness. His eyes were blindfolded, his mouth was gagged, and his hands and feet were bound. He felt a hand between his legs playing with his naked balls. He was laying on his front on what felt like his hotel room bed.

“Cooter, shut the fuck up.” The female voice with the southern accent was much closer.

Gray thought it sounded like the tall blonde, Cletus. He certainly hoped it was her hand playing with his balls and not Cooter. Her perfume had a sweet scent to it, almost fruity. The hand left his balls and grabbed his hip.

Cletus instructed, “Turn over, babe. I’ll make it worth your while.”

Gray allowed her to flip him over. He lay on his back quietly and waited.

“I’m going to remove the gag. Any sound and it goes back on.”

Gray nodded his understanding. He heard her moving around the bed to his left. He imagined Cooter was going through his suitcase with the rustling to his right.

“Oh look, he’s tiny,” Cooter teased from the corner.

“Shut the fuck up, Cooter.” Cletus’ voice was stern.

Gray felt a hand grasp his penis and lightly stroke it. A second hand moved the gag off of his mouth and it fell to around his throat. He worked his hands at his bonds behind his back slowly and quietly. Then he felt a leg on the left side of his head, and then one on the right. Next his lips found the familiar taste of pussy as she sat back on him.

“You be good to me,” she purred.

Gray used his tongue on her. He enjoyed the taste as he sucked her clit into his mouth. As best he could, he continued working on his binding. It became even more difficult as he felt her lips take his erection into her mouth. Again, he hoped it was her and not Cooter.

Cooter laughed from the corner, confirming it was not him. “You gonna ride ‘im? I wanna see that.”

Gray felt the woman shift off of his face and soon obliged Cooter’s wish by riding. He enjoyed the feeling as he finally felt his hands release. He kept them behind him to wait for the right moment.

Cletus started to cry out as an orgasm approached.

Gray joined her and ejaculated inside of the woman. He waited until she slumped on top of him and then slowly slid off.

“That was lovely,” she said.

He felt her lips kiss his. Gray pulled his hands around and grabbed her hair.

She screamed.

Gray reached for his blindfold.

Cooter ordered him, “Don’t you…”

Gray pulled up his blindfold just in time to see the muzzle flash.

Two days later…

Grace slammed her fist onto one shoulder of the male RCMP officer. She cried and screamed into the other.

The female asked, “Maam? Do you have someone you can call?”

Grace released her grip and nodded. Tears stained with black that matched her sweater streamed down her cheeks. “He was there for work. If he got that job…”

“They got to him on the first night. He never got to the interview,” the male officer informed her.

Grace looked up at him. “They got them?”

The officers exchanged glances.

“Sort of,” the female answered. “The man involved is in custody. Apparently the woman committed suicide immediately after.”

Grace looked past the officers and out the open door just as the last ray of sunshine dipped behind the mountains.

“This is a joke, right? Gray put you up to this and is hiding behind your car.” She charged past the officers and looked around the RCMP car parked on the street.

The two officers stepped out of the house and watched as Grace started sprinting down the middle of the road and calling for Gray.

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