Calgary Chronicals, Day IV

11:25am MST
Flying high again…

Back at the Calgary airport for another ninety minutes before the first leg of my trip home will take me north to Edmonton.

Have a headache still, from last night’s evening festivities with two friends. The day is gray out there. I believe I am skipping out just before the snow flies again.

I wonder how much therapy a four hour lay over in Edmonton will take?

Oh, and as for this morning…no kissing and telling…not my style…however, did spend the morning watching episodes of Sparticus: Gods of the Arena…lemme tell ya, they do more than just kissing on that show. May have to download it when I get home.

Those tricky Romans…they knew how to throw and orgy.

12:16pm MST
Why is Valerie Bertinelli mocking me?

She is on the cover of this magazine and staring at me with this amused almost laughing look. Does she know something I do not? She must be hiding some great secret. Maybe she is Illuminati.

Assuming my plane is on time I will be boarding in about half an hour. Were it not for the interview this aft, I would have tried to sweet talk the lady at check-in again.

Watching a plane loading for lovely downtown Kelowna, currently. This section of the airport is for the small jump trips. Kelowna…Medicine Hat…Cranbrook…Winnipeg…and Edmonton. I am hoping this plane is on time as the drive to the office where my interview will be is going to be a half hour each way.

The last time I was actually in Edmonton…not just the airport (which is actually in Leduc) would have been 1994. My grandmother and I were catching a train to Toronto. No passenger trains go from Calgary. The last time I was in Edmonton for anything other than passing through would have been to a cousin’s wedding back in 1986. It has been awhile.

I hear it is cheaper than Calgary to live in Edmonton. The two cities are, roughly, the same size. Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. Where Calgary has a lot of the engineering going on for the oil sands, Edmonton has a lot of the refining. In a nut shell, there is more money in Calgary, and more of the grunt work is done in Edmonton.

In the waiting area where I am sitting, there is an ad for traveling to the Northwest Territories. I have never seen that before. The NWT and the Yukon Territories are two of the few areas I have yet to visit in this country. The only province I have missed is Prince Edward Island.

If I get one of these positions with better money, I may have to look at traveling to those places.

Anyway, odds are I will continue this one once I snag a cab in Edmonton. Will be interesting as I do not know the city that well.

14:35pm MST
Welcome to Edmonton.

Only a forty minute flight from Calgary. I had a tear in my eye as we lifted off the ground. Due to clouds I was not really able to get one last good look at my mountains. I will be back, though. I am sensing sooner than later.

Edmonton, in contrast, is flat. The airport is well outside the city in the town of Leduc. Just looking out it is easy to tell that we are a little closer to the Arctic here. The Sun is much farther into the southern sky is the first clue. A lot more snow is the second.

Funny, but as I am writing this I just realized that this is literally as far north as I have been anywhere.

Call it a strong hunch, but this feels like more than a simple interview to me. This feels like something may come as an offer even today…I am not even certain what to think here as I was just looking at Calgary hard and, though other areas are certainly good potential, I had not really focused anywhere else.

Being that this potential job could include a territory of Fort McMurray and Fort McKay…and selling into the budding cities of the oil sands is almost as sure fire of a market as there could be…I can only say one thing…

Go north, young man.

16:10pm MST
It was all but an offer. I do not believe that will be far behind, either.

Of my seven interviews, this was easily the best one. Talking a doubling of my current wage as well as car and benefits and such. This could be fun.

Back with the same cabbie again. He’s even excited for me.

23:15pm EST
Thus endeth the lesson…

Final entry in this Western Canadian adventure. We are on final approach to Pearson International. It is so cloudy that we have only just been able to finally see the ground. The city lights look pretty much as I left them.

Will spend the night at my parents’ in Mississauga before heading home early tomorrow.

I am coming out of the sky more convinced that I will be out of here shortly. Still would say it is 50% that I stay, but that is significantly lower than when I left.

Quite foggy out there and must be windy as our tail fin was wagging pretty hard as we come down.

On the ground now and it is not fog, but snow. I was warned that we expected it tonight.

Right now, I am not certain I expect anything else.

Cheers, thanks for reading… tomorrow back to our regularly scheduled programming.


    1. Call it a hunch, but I have a new job by April 1…no joke. Perhaps not have started it yet, but will have something. I have three interviews locally this week.

      Trip was definitely worthwhile, though. Now just have to be patient.

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