Calgary Chronicals, Day 2

5:00am MST
Still no mountains.

Dare I say that I am seeing the first signs of light out there…yeah, probably not. Calgary get has more sunny days than most Canadian cities, but during the heart of winter it does not get much sun during any single day.

I do not want to get up. No horses to feed. No doberman to walk. Will still need a shower soon, though. Being my first interview is only about twenty minutes away, I have about four hours before I need to be out.

When I arrived, spent about half an hour visiting with my cousin before we both admitted that it was well past my bedtime.

My cousin has an apartment near the Best Western hotel on 8th St SW. As mentioned, I was prepared to take a cab after the shuttle, but when I realized that the term ‘spitting distance’ worked…well, made it without freezing any nibbly bits.

Seems to me those nibbly bits were awake all night, though. No humping this morning, either…but one never knows what happens in the Rockies where erections are concerned. The male member gets jealous of all those tall mountains and stands up in the hopes of getting attention and/or lips wrapped around it by at least one…if not two goddesses.

Damn, this is not supposed to be erotica…but I have some to post a little later today.

12:34pm MST
A&W for lunch at the Scotia Centre.

Was not able to update more since this morning. Driving around this morning…I know Calgary’s bones, but no longer know her flesh. This being the case, I was not able to Tweet nor blog and drive and blew most of my battery power on my gps.

This afternoon, I have a few more interviews. First one just after lunch on the 38th floor of this very building.

This A&W is funny in that is sits across the mall hallway from a Sushi place. I still remember the old A&W on McLeod Trail where my parents would take my brother and I. A true “drive-in” restaurant…not drive-thru…where you would park and the waitress would bring the tray of food out to your car window. Ironic that that old place seems to have been replaced by McDonald’s.

I had forgotten what this city does to me. I have been in town only a little more than twelve hours and I feel great. Slight headache as I figure the three beer and red wine on the plane was not my brightest idea, but I am not suffering. Were I home in Toronto I would be feeling it more. Maybe it is lack of pollution (in comparison)…maybe it is the lack of humidity…maybe it is the bright blue skies instead of the stone gray clouds…maybe it is finally seeing my mountains again…maybe it is the fact that I know this city well enough that I could have traveled without gps this morning if I really wanted to.

Right now, I am hoping something comes of this trip. Not sensing anything, but just hoping.

Maybe that change that I have been craving is a return here. The job market certainly seems ripe. Housing seems to be in the perfect spot as it has yet to skyrocket again.

The problem, more than anything is what I would be leaving behind as opposed to what I am coming too. Anyone who has read my other stuff knows what I am talking about.

Were I just leaving a job, that would be fine. Were I just giving up on the horses, that would be too. Were it just my parents and brother I would be leaving out there, I could deal with that. Even all three of those, I could easily justify this potential change for easily.

However, it is that one extra detail where all the red flags go up…

One quick aside in that I really enjoyed doing this note yesterday. Same as today, times were relatively accurate save for an edit here or there later in the day. Today I am still enjoying it, but it has gone off the funny at the moment. No doubt that will be back later, though…my humour is like a bad smell in that it never really goes away…it just gets masked for awhile.

14:43pm MST
Waiting again…

Sitting in another waiting room. At the previous place I was at, I had a gorgeous photo of the “Husky” Tower or Calgary Tower.

Last interview of the day. One more tomorrow and I am done.

As I walked over here I was reminded how quickly it gets cold. Shadows are enveloping the streets already. So much for the chinook that was to allegedly blow in off the mountains and warm the city today.

I have definitely decided two days was too short for this trip. I am already thinking that I need a full week.

I did have my last meeting with a recruiter/head hunter sort who confirmed some of what I am seeing. He says he is now getting two or three resumes from guys, like me, looking to move from Ontario to Alberta.

I have said many times that with the Toronto area and Southwestern Ontario being so heavily reliant upon exports…and a Canadian currency at (or above) par with the Yankees…that economy is dying. I predict this is the beginning of a real problem for that area unless they are able to spur industries.

23:17pm MST

My mother’s sister and husband joined my cousin and I for dinner this eve. Back in the early 90s I lived with this couple for about six months when I was just realizing that I could not live on a retail wage. They are really starting to show their age…being I only see them every so often, I have to remind myself that they are now both over 70. This will be my parents in about seven years.

Time zones are fucking with my head, and because of the exhaustion that is bringing, I will bid you all goodnight here. Today’s and tomorrows will be shorter as I have other things to deal with. Saturday, no doubt, I will have another long one as my 3.5 hour flight back to Toronto is extended to almost nine hours due to a stop over in Edmonton. Perhaps a chance meeting with a goddess at YEG, however…
Sleep sweet all you beautiful people.

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