1. Why does it have to be men who cheat? I know some do and some have but I also know some woman who do or have in the past. I was one of those woman. He remained faithful to me for 18 years, and I didn’t.

    I agree with the idea that we can love more than one person in our life, but I have also altered that view slightly since meeting Sir, because I loved before, but had never been IN love before, until know. I am lucky though that I know within my relationship if either one if us felt like we needed to explore outside of the 2 of us we would be able to work that out between us. Therefore, no cheating is ever required. However, the way I feel about Him is so completely different from the way I felt about anyone else before that I don’t ever see myself wanting another.


    • It doesn’t have to be just men…but that is the assumed standard, it seems. Generally, it is a two way street and unless a man (or woman) is pulling the wool over both the eyes of spouse and lover (which again falls to deception which I will not defend), there is a partner in crime.

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