Gray’s Second Best Turn About Ever

Cliff sipped from his long neck bottle as he sat alone at the bar. In fact he was alone in the pub. His red sweater was more drop sheet than anything now as it was now much too large for him.

The door behind the bar opened showing it led to the alley out back. The bartender, a petite brunette with a gothic cross tattooed on her bare right shoulder, was followed by a tall athletic man who looked familiar to Cliff.

Cliff could not recall from where.

“I said no more bets until the weather is better.” The bartender pulled her black tee shirt down harder. She looked at the other man who was walking around the bar. “And what’s with the bruises?”

The man sat on the stool to Cliff’s left. Rolling his eyes, he answered, “Long story.”

The bartender hugged herself and lightly shivered. “You should sue someone.”

Cliff’s ears perked up and his mouth stepped in, “Were you beat up.”

The other man looked at Cliff’s bald head. “Ah, no. Wasn’t beat up.”

“Well if you need a lawyer.” Cliff flipped a card onto the bar.

The man looked at the card. Offering his hand he laughed. “Cliff, I won’t be suing her. Thanks though. I’m Gray, by the way.”

Cliff nodded and shook Gray’s hand.

“Our host is Grace.” Gray swung his arm at the bartender who dodged it with ease.

“Nice to meet you both.”

Gray smiled at Grace. “Cliff here is a lawyer. A good one as his name is on the door.” He picked up the card and tapped it on the bar top twice before putting it in his breast pocket.

Grace dried off a glass. “Ah, you fuck people for money. A prostitute.”

Cliff chuckled. “That’s one theory.”

Grace brushed her arm across her brow and quickly changed the subject. “I hate this weather. Too warm for a coat, and too cold not to. Then they leave the fucking heat in here off.”

“So take your shirt off,” Cliff was surprised he said it.

Gray laughed.

Grace smiled, “Okay.” She pulled her tee over her head and a bare ample chest greeted both men.

Cliff turned red.

She walked around the bar. Her tight blue jeans swished. “Place is empty and I need to have an orgasm. You boys objecting?” She wrapped her arms around Gray and kissed him hard. She then moved over to Cliff and did the same. “I didn’t think so.”

She backed away from Cliff, her ass pushing into Gray’s spread legs. “Gray, you’re hard already. Impressive. Her hand found Cliff’s zipper and quickly found his cock, also hard. Grace looked shocked. “You’re fucking huge. My lucky day.”

She slipped Cliff’s penis out of his black pants. Bending over, she wrapped her lips around the tip. Her brown eyes locked with Cliff’s blues. “Yummy, nice and salty,” she said before taking his entire length in.

Gray backed his stool up and stood behind her. He reached around her, unzipped her jeans and pulled them down just enough. He then unzipped his own pants and pulled his own erection out.

Cliff watched as Gray pushed his smaller cock between Grace’s legs.

Grace moaned with Cliff’s cock deep in her mouth. She did not do much other than working him up and down with her lips and one hand. It was good, but Cliff would lose interest soon.

Before that happened, Grace stopped and reversed. She pushed Gray back onto his stool, “Time to eat Tiny.”

Gray’s face fell as Grace started sucking him off.

Cliff stood behind her. He reached around and found her clit with his thumb. Playing with her clit he spread her lips and guided his cock into her.

All three were moaning and they were able to time all three orgasms together bringing the seen to a shuddering halt.

Grace stood and pulled a napkin from over the bar. She first wiped Cliff’s cum running down her leg and then Gray’s cum from the corner of her mouth. “Thank you, boys…”

“So take your shirt off,” Cliff was surprised he said it and snapped him back to reality.

Gray laughed.

Grace smiled, “Okay. But only if you guys take your pants off first.” She winked at Gray. “I’d like to see Tiny again.”

Gray groaned.

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