Weekend to End All Weekends

This weekend was particularly tough.

A little back story, first. I know I touched on this the other day, but a few more details.

Again, I will repeat, I have been in full job search since April. I recently have started getting some tugs on the fishing line.

Since January 1 of this year, I have put out roughly 100 resumes. 75-80 in the Toronto area…a metro area with more than five million. The rest I have applied to companies Saskatchewan and west.

Since Wednesday of this past week, I have received twelve phone call inquiries…two from Edmonton, two from Vancouver, one from Kelowna, and six from Calgary…in other words, all from Saskatchewan and west, except one. Irony seems that I did get one call from a Toronto based company who is hiring for their Calgary branch.

Thus, a move back west has gone from guilty pleasure fantasy in my book to damned near imminent.

If nothing else, this has been a sign to me that the economy in Ontario is not bouncing back as it is elsewhere yet.

The thought that perhaps I have a reputation issue within my industry that I am unaware of did cross my mind. Quickly dismissed, however, as I have been applying into different industries. Also, the call I did get from Toronto is in this industry and, though I do not know the gentleman, a quick phone call would give him a pretty thorough knowledge of what I am doing. Also, two of my Calgary calls came from people that know my references already.

More realistic, however, would be that this latest Middle Eastern issues are starting to put the cities near the Oil Sands into boom mode again. Most of the engineering for Canada’s Oil Sands is done in Calgary.

That is just the back story, however. Due to this, I began discussing the possibility with my girls. This was not fun.

As I explained, nothing is done, but if something gets offered it could happen fast. I need them ready. I need to make certain, as best as I can, that they do not believe I am leaving them.
If I did end up in Calgary, would take a bit more than an hour’s drive to get to their place. Same country, sure, but now we are talking four hours at 35,000 feet.

I talked to them separately in the car.

The reaction was as I anticipated. My oldest’s first word was, “NO!” That was soon followed by her little mind realizing that she could visit for Stampede Week in Calgary and that it offers her work opportunities in theatre in the long term future…side note, she’s eleven and already thinking about this. Probably the fact that the final performance of her first professional stage gig is this afternoon.

My youngest was a bit quieter. Her first words were, “When would we see you?” She was also concerned about seeing her grandparents (my folks) on our usual Monday evenings.

I am more concerned about my youngest. My oldest has enough other things going on that she will roll with it, should it happen. My youngest, however, still believes daddy may “come home” one day. I doubt she remembers her mother and I together, but she still hints at wanting that every once in awhile.

It seems that I am an expert at putting the cart before the horse, so this may all be moot yet, but I sense a tough decision. If I get offered a position with double or triple the wages I am making now…3000 kms away…can I afford not to take it? I certainly cannot afford to continue what I am doing now for much longer.


  1. Hard decisions but I´m not sure leaving your girls is for the best. Money is of course important but not worth a real close relationship with your girls. Sooner than you know they grow up and spread their wings and the thight, early years won´t come back. But I´m no expert, just go on my gut feeling. Good luck though.

  2. I don’t think it’s about leaving them. Work is work and no one can afford to turn down good job offers in this current climate. being away from them does not mean that you are not still Dad, sure it changes the routine you have now, but a new routine could be good too. When they come to stay its for a weeks not just a couple of day. You have to find the positive in every option and show that to them. If they believe that you think it will be OK then they will believe the same.


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