Lay Down Doggy

Does anyone know what it means when the dog no longer lays down, but almost lets himself fall with a thud every time he goes on his pillow?  For starters, I am concerned the floor boards of the house will not take it much longer.

Not like I have been testing them much lately, but perhaps I need to do more jumping jacks when I wake in the morning just for this purpose.

Then again, last time I did a project like that I did end up breaking a bed…plus the goddess who was in the bed with me was less than impressed.  That surprises me as if you are making love with enough vigor to destroy furniture, should this not be impressive?  Should this not be a sign of passion as your coitus splinters wood about the room?

I mean, it was not as though she ignited into flame or anything.  That would be bad if that happened.  How do you explain that to the fire marshall as you stand naked in a snow bank afterward…

Oh, yes sir.  We were making love, and I guess I got over excited and suddenly there was smoke and she was gone.

I sense a rubber room in the future of the person using that excuse.  Maybe I will ask my Tarot cards about that later tonight.

Yeah, right…like I would ask something so silly.  Perhaps I will ask them about the strength of the floor under the dog, though.


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