Gray’s Best Call Ever

“Hey beautiful.” Gray spoke into the cell phone. He leaned back against the brick wall of the old building behind him. “Absolutely, baby. I’ve missed you.”  He smiled and looked up at the clear sky through his white puffs of breath as he pretended to make smoke rings in the cold air.

The Full Moon hanging over the alley. Due to the light pollution of the city, it was the only stellar body that could be seen from the alleyway.

“Yeah? That’s fantastic. Wish I could celebrate with you tonight.”  He stretched his free hand above his head and let it rest on the corporate green garbage container beside him. The snow crunched under his feet as he shifted his weight.  “Probably better I’m not there, then. You’d never have enough clothing on for that.” He laughed and quickly glanced around the shadows of the cold empty alley.

A car horn in the distance followed by squealing brakes and muffled voices from the door to the bar were the only signs of life outside of the alley.

“Nice…and I would love to see those gorgeous lips wrapped around my cock. I want a lipstick stain.” He smiled widely and sighed.  “What?  Of course I’ve been a good boy, baby.”

More squealing brakes and a smashing window added to the evening’s soundtrack.  A large pickup truck swerved past the alley opening to his right.

“Ottawa?” He thought for a moment and then smiled. “Yeah, I could do that. Your husband away?”

A gust picked up a dusting of snow and threw it down the alley and lights flashed from a car down the way quickly turning.

His smile widened. “Perfect, so March first then at our usual table.”  He let a long breath out.  “Absofuckinglutely. See you then, babe.”

Gray snapped the phone shut and put it in the inside breast pocket of his coat. His hand then dropped to the back of Grace’s head as she continued to suck him off from her crouched position.  He gasped as she swallowed his orgasm, and large puffs of white breath escaped him.

Grace stood in front of him and dusted her jeans off. “New rule.” She pulled her red parka down which had ridden half way up her belly due to her crouch.

Gray slipped his shorts over his spent erection and zipped his pants. “Yeah?” He then zipped up his black coat.

“No more bets until the weather is better.”

Gray chuckled. He quickly looked her over. Licking his thumb he said, “Missed a drop.” He then rubbed a drop of his cum from the corner of her mouth.

Her palm smacked the back of his head.

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