Transit Turn About

“Late night?”

Cliff glanced at the blonde sitting across from him. The train vibrated under their feet as it clacked along the tracks. Fluorescents above cast white light on the beige walls and black windows.

Cliff smiled and nodded. “Yeah, just home from a business trip.” He patted the black suitcase sitting beside him.

The blonde smiled and glanced around the empty train car. “Where did you go?”

“The lovely city of Chicago.” Cliff caught a sight of a tattoo on the back of her neck as her hair moved.

She wore a tight black tee shirt that showed athletic abs under small breasts. Her jeans were skin tight and showed off her bare calves and feet that rested in black sneakers. “I heard about the snow storm down there. Amazing how warm it is here.”

“Chinooks do that,” Cliff chimed in.

“They make me horny. All that warm air gets me going.”

Cliff’s bald head went slightly red, not quite as bright as his sweater. His loose jeans suddenly felt tight as an erection started.

The train slowed as it pulled into Whitehorn Station.

She smiled seeing him blush. Her short blonde hair bobbed as she tried not to laugh. “I’m sorry. I just…” Her hand covered her mouth.

“How horny are you?” Cliff sat up to hide the tent in his jeans as much as possible.

Her laugh stopped and she gave him a sly look. “I don’t know. For a few bucks I might do something wild.”

Cliff knew he had three twenties in his pocket. “A few bucks?”

The train started moving again and a voice called out over the speakers, “Rundle, next station, Rundle!”

“Forty?” the blonde answered.

Without another word, Cliff fished two of the twenties from his pocket and held them out to her.

She stood and was Amazon-like in her height. “Which stop are you done at?” She accepted the bills and slipped them into her jean pocket.

“Eleventh Avenue downtown.”

She fell to her knees in front of him. “Good. We have some time then.” Her hands found his fly. “Ooooh,” she cooed. “You’re hard already.”

He shifted so she had easier access. He was still not completely comfortable with his new slimmer frame.

She slipped his penis out of his fly and kissed the tip lightly. “Just a blowjob, right babe?”

“With the jeans you’re in,” Cliff agreed, “much as I would love to fuck you, it seems problematic.”

She agreed by running her tongue along his shaft before devouring him. The cold of metal shocked him in the discovery of a tongue piercing. As she leaned forward, he could see the long dragon tattoo on her back that ran from hip to hip.

Cliff did not feel the train slow until it stopped at Rundle Station. A door down the other end of the car snapped open and three younger people walked in laughing and yelping. Two short white boys and a tall black girl, all with an obvious blue denim fetish from jackets to pants.

The blonde ignored them and continued her work by deep throating him.

One of the boys caught sight of what was going on. “Ha hoe! Look at that!” he yelled. He ran a hand through his messy blonde hair and led his colleagues down the train to where Cliff sat. “Nice.”

The brown haired boy laughed and smiled at the site. He stood behind the tall black girl, reached around and squeezed her breast. “Whatchya think, Mave?”

Mave’s big brown eyes widened and she smiled as well. “Don’t they have security cams on these trains?”

The blonde stopped sucking Cliff. “Nope. At least I’ve never been caught yet if they do.” Her mouth swallowed Cliff again and she gagged a little.

Mave’s smile widened and she turned to her man servants.

The speakers called out, “Marlborough, next station, Marlborough.”

Cliff, with his eyes squinting watched Mave push both boys onto the bench the blonde once sat on. Mave quickly had both of them free of their pants and took turns stroking one penis with her hand while sucking on the other.

This continued until the train slowed for Marlborough Station. No new passengers this time, however.

“Fuck this,” Mave said as she stopped and stood. She unzipped her own jeans and dropped them low enough for access.

Cliff, still enjoying the blonde’s vacuum mouth, watched as Mave pulled the brown haired boy to stand up leaning against a metal pole directly in front of the blonde boy.

She then grasped the blonde boy and guided him between her legs as she lowered herself onto him. “Honey, don’t you fucking cum in there,” she whispered to the blonde before sucking the brown haired boy again.

The train accelerated again. “Franklin, next station, Franklin.”

The train slowed as it pulled into Whitehorn Station and slammed on the brakes snapping Cliff from his thoughts.

She smiled seeing him blush. Her short blonde hair bobbed as she tried not to laugh. “I’m sorry. I just…” Her hand covered her mouth.

“No worries.” He smiled and waited for his erection to subside before sitting back.

The remainder of the ride was in silence save for three young people that entered the train, two white boys and a tall black girl. They yelped and puffed their feathers at each other from the other end of the train as Cliff tried to think through the feeling of deja vu he was experiencing.

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