Dennis and Polly


Echo laughed. “In a sense, yes.”  She smiled at him and brightened the dark room.

“I still don’t get how I fit in.” He shrugged and locked eyes with her. He lay back on a mountain of purple and black pillows.

Her head lay on left his bare hip with her black curls everywhere. Her green eyes smiled at him. “All in good time, Dennis.” She slipped her left hand around his soft cock, pulled it to her lips and softly kissed the tip.

Dennis sighed, “What!, eight orgasms not enough?”

She feigned a gasp. “You’re keeping count?” Her tongue ran around the tip of his erection and down his shaft. Her pale naked curves stradled his legs.

“No, I…”

“Had enough?”

“Fuck no.”

“Watch your language.” She slapped his cock with her hand.

He reached down and pushed her hair back.

She took his full erection into her mouth and kept him deep.

His hand slipped down and stroked her cheek.

Echo quickly pulled him out and moved her face away. “Please don’t.”

Dennis pulled his hand back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

She grinned. “I am not worthy,” she said.

“Worthy of what?” Dennis asked as his words vanished into another building orgasm.

Dennis looked at his image in the mirror. He wore a loose white tee shirt over white pants that tied off at the waist like the ones he had seen on the medical television shows.

His quarters had a full size bed that was extremely comfortable. In time, he had been told, he could decorate it as he wanted.

He splashed water on his face.

He had been given a clock that sat on the table he would use as a desk in the future. After deciphering the hands, not a simple task after being used to digital clocks for decades, he figured he had slept nearly twenty hours after his time with Echo.

She had brought him here after she was finished with him. All that time naked in bed with her and not once had she allowed him to kiss her.

The door chime snapped his thoughts back. Quickly answering it, Wren sat waiting for him.

Dennis looked down at the doberman. “Guess it isn’t Polly, eh?”

Wren wore a harnass that had a handle on the back, similar to a seeing eye dog.

Dennis grabbed the harness and allowed himself to be led back to the command centre.

“Dennis,” the master called from across the room, his arm high beckoned him.

Letting go of the harness, Dennis walked to him.

“Good morning is, as I recall what we used to say. Morning is relative out here, though.”

Keeping his eyes low, Dennis responded, “Yes, sir.”

“I’m up here, Dennis.”

Dennis lifted his eyes and found the master’s steel gray ones looking back at him. The tall man was completely bald and had a scar running along his temple and down to his nose.  “Echo was testing you when we met earlier.  To see if you would listen and obey.  It was a good start.”

Dennis nodded slightly.

“When you are with the women, however, then you obey.” He laughed.  “They call me Captain Griffin, by the way.”  He offered Dennis a paw to shake.

Dennis shook it firmly.  “Nice to meet you, sir.”  He looked around at the command area.  Different beasts were sitting at the computers.  “Are we the only humans…?”

Griffin looked up.  “Six of us amongst a crew of fifty.”

“I see.”

“You realize that Echo is not human, right?” Griffin grinned at him.

Dennis’ mouth fell open.

“She has a tail, but unless you look for it you’ll never find it.”  Griffin glanced down at the computer in front of him.  “Anyhow, I must get some things done here.  Chilly!”

A tall being in white fur drifted over on no noticeable legs.  “Sir?” The voice sounded female.

“Take Dennis here and put him to work.  Do not be gentle.”

“Aye, sir.”  The furry being appeared to turn to Dennis.  “With me”

Dennis followed the being he now believed was actually floating just above the ground.  Chilly led him back off the command deck and down a corridor to a massive open area with tables.

Chilly stopped and turned to him.  “Alright, human, there is a bucket and mop in the corner.  I will be back in twenty minutes.”  He floated past Dennis and out of the room.

“Um…” Dennis heard his voice echo as he glanced around the steel gray walls.

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