Between the Sun and the Moon

Bed is comfy but cold. Typical winter night as, similar to the last two nights, we are around -30 C with wind chills. Leave no skin exposed…well, outside, at least. Seems a bit moot to say that as I lay here in bed.

Moon is peeking in the window. Fucking peeping tom. Okay, perhaps there would have to actually be something to see before I could truly call it that.

What do the Sun and Moon do up there when we cannot see either of them, anyway? Are they off frolicking creating new stellar events?

All those meteors the Earth gets pelted by are actually the Moon jism that was created just from thinking about the Sun.

And, just curious, but how sick must the Sun be when it goes to the singles bars and some black hole tries to pick her up by saying, “You’re hot!” She must get steamed at that one.

Just a hunch, but I have always believed Saturn to be the gigilo of our solar system with those peacock tale-like rings to show off. Pluto is the sexually confused daughter…or sun…recently had surgery so it is no longer a planet as it never felt like one anyway.

Well, with these nonsensical thoughts, I bid you all good night. Here’s hoping it all makes better sense tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

…yeah, right. Why would tomorrow be any different than any other day?

Maybe I should ask the doberman.

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