Gray’s Best Game Ever

“You are gorgeous.” Gray stared at himself in the mirror as he adjusted his red tie and resting it over his white shirt. Finally buttoning up his black vest and suit jacket, he did a quick spin and ended with a Fonzian thumbs up.

“This won’t be on long.” He kissed his hand and blew it at the mirror.

He wandered out of the washroom to the living room and turned the TV on. Channels flipped past until he found Hockey Night in Canada. “Oooohh…Habs are in town.” The camera panned past players from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens as a female voice sang the Canadian national anthem.

Gray sat on the white couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table.

One ring from the phone and he had his mobile phone at his ear. “This is Graham, how can I help you?…Mitchell!?!…No, man, she’s not here yet but should be any moment…Absofuckinglutely, man…Dude, what fun would that be? The babe will be sober…hmmm? Yeah?…Pizza…oh, speaking of, gotta get off the phone as the pizza will be here, soon…cheers, dude!”

The phone rang again just as the puck was dropped on the screen.

The pizza was delivered steaming hot. Gray tipped the small Asian delivery driver thirty cents.

After one period, the Toronto Maple Leafs three, the Montreal Canadiens nothing! Jim Hughson’s voice yelled over the ecstatic crowd noise.

Gray checked his watch. She was a half hour late and he was starting to feel angry. He had bought condoms this morning just for this. He shook his head and whispered, “That fucking bit…”

The phone rang.

“Graham, can I help you?…Yeah?…No problem, babe…Looking forward to meeting you, too…You’re sure?…Good, ’cause the pizza’s gone…See you then.”

He snapped the phone shut.


Jim Hughson piped up again, We’re heading to overtime as the Leafs have blown a seven goal lead. After three it is Toronto Maple Leafs seven, Montreal Canadiens seven.

Gray snored lightly and snorted awake. “Shit.” He glanced at his watch.

The phone rang again as the tv commentators debated who would score in overtime.

“Graham…Yeah, babe, come on up…616 and the door is open.”

A light knock and she let herself in just as overtime started. “I’m so sorry I’m late.”

“No worries,” he said and waved her off. The four beer bottles sat on the coffee table in front of him and he could not remember drinking them. “They’re just starting overtime, so hope you don’t mind.” Standing, he hugged her. Her short blonde hair smelt of berries.

“Who’s winning?” She glanced back at the screen as he sat. Her black dress was gorgeous on her shape. Skirt came halfway down her calf and black nylons covered her legs down to black pumps.

He thought about her question for a moment. Shaking his head, he answered, “They’re fucking tied. Sudden death overtime.”

She knelt on the floor beside him. “Sudden death,” she repeated. “How about little death?”

Gray did not remember unzipping his pants, but she had his cock out of his pants and in her mouth like magic.

“I’m hungry, do you mind?” she asked before returning to her meal.

His head leaned back and enjoyed the warmth of her lips. Feeling his body relax, he had trouble keeping his eyes open.

Montreal scores!

Gray felt his orgasm hit the back of her throat. He was asleep seconds later.

Gray awoke with a snort and looked around.


He snapped up noticing that the tv was gone from the unit in front of him. His laptop was gone from his desk by the window.

He looked down at his cock, now limp, still spilling out from his fly.

“Damned expensive blowjob,” he said to the emptiness.

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