She Who Hesitates…

“Oh my God!”

Her brunette hair was matted with sweat to her forehead as she quickened her pace. The rest of her hair bounced down her back. Her breath quickened and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. Even her toes started to tingle.

His hands grasped her hips and pulled her down harder. “Holy fuck!”

Her vision cleared with her memory…

25 years ago…


The brunette looked up from her fries. “Hi, Paul.”

Paul had a round face under his blonde hair. He was a healthy size, not huge but his belly covered in a blue tee-shirt spilled over his jeans.

“What are you doing?”

Amy glanced around her. “Ummm…eating…and algebra.” She nodded at the open text book beside her small paper bowl.

“How’s algebra?”

“Father Tomms gave us too much to do.”

Paul was distracted and blushed as two girls at the next table cackled over some gossip as they shared a large plate of fries.

Regaining his composure, he lowered himself onto the bench beside Amy. “Ah…I was wondering.” He scratched his bright red chin.

Amy found his look odd. His skin was normally deathly pale.

He continued, “You know the dance next Thursday?”

“Yeah?” She felt her face warm with the realization of what was coming.

“I was thinking that maybe, oh I don’t know, we might…ah…well…”

“Okay,” her answer slipped out before Paul finished the question.

Paul’s mouth froze for a moment. He failed trying to hide a grin. “Great…”


“Yes!” Amy screamed as she rode harder.

21 years earlier…

The priest glanced at his book. Clearing his voice, his hands grasped the pulpit and he began, “Today we are here to support Paul and Amy as they declare their love for each other in front of God. This unification will bring them great comfort as their love grows. Soon we will also witness the children of this couple…”

Later that evening…

“Paul? Are you in?”

Paul lay on top of her with his mouth buried in her shoulder. “Um…?”

She felt a sharp pain as his penis entered her. A few quick humps and he collapsed on to of her.

Her hands held at the small of his back. “What?”

“I think I’m done.”

Amy waited a moment until Paul stopped shivering. She gave him a small grin. “That was nice.”


Amy let out a literal yelp as she felt the warmth inside her and his fingers playing with her clitoris.

“Amy, you’re glowing,” he spoke softly with a slight punctuation with each thrust.

20 years earlier…


She snapped awake. Blinking her eyes open, the sound of the baby crying snapped her to attention.

“Could you…” Paul’s voice drifted off as he rolled over.

Her feet slipped out over the side of the bed. She slid her feet into white puffy slippers and stood. Her pajama bottoms covered to her ankles. She slipped an arm out of her top.

As she walked around the bed to the door she whispered to Paul, “Don’t get up.”

Paul snored.


Amy felt the first spasm. “Holy fuck!”

His hips continued to grind into her. A smile appeared on his lips as he watched Amy convulse.

One day ago…

“Amy? I’m off.”

Amy sat on the couch as Paul walked past her carrying a dufflebag. She gave him a small smile. “Have fun. Don’t drink too much at the game.”

He bent down and gave her a quick peck. “Love ya.” He disappeared out the door before she moved.

“See you Wednesday,” she said to an empty house.

Amy sat and looked at the room. Two graduation pictures were on the wall to her left. In front of her the wall was adorned by her and Paul on their wedding day, a family picture of them with the two teenagers, random school pictures through the years of one boy and one girl, and one picture of her first grandson.

She stood and padded out of the room and up the stairs. She wandered into the office and sat at the computer. Wiggling the mouse, the screen sprung to life. She clicked on the internet icon and quickly pulled up Facebook on the screen.

A smile appeared as she saw a message waiting for her.


She collapsed on to him and her breath heaved in and out. “Oh my God,” she whispered into his chest.

He chuckled. “It’s Greg, actually. Keep calling me God and it might go to my head.” He kissed her forehead.

She continued clutching him as the warmth past.

“Amy? Darling?”

She propped her chin on his chest. “Yeah?”

“Was this your first orgasm?”

She grinned. “Yeah.” She pouted at him. “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

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