Hounorable Turn About

“So we’re granting this divorce, no contest?”

Cliff flipped through his notes. “Yes, maam.”

Judge Phillips glared at him over her glasses. “Don’t you ‘maam’ me.”

Cliff chuckled and set the notes down on the large oak desk between them.

Judge Phillips was 50-something. A brunette with grey streaks running through her hair. She was very short, but had a voice that Shakesperean actors would be proud of. She sat, very petite and proper at the dark oak desk. She was framed by bookshelves behind her, full of texts.

She glanced up. “We’re done then?”

“Yes, Petra.”


Cliff stood from his chair and walked back to the couch behind him. The room was deep burgundy on top with a white chair rail and white on the bottom. He sat on the burgundy fabric sofa.

Judge Phillips stood behind her desk. Her black robe nearly brushed the ground as she walked over towards him. She sat on the sofa arm to Cliff’s left. “Now, what is this that I hear about you dating a young woman working for you?”

“Heather? Yeah, we’ve been out a few times.”

“I see. This is going to make our play awkward.”

Cliff did not answer.

Judge Phillips stood, and with a violent tug all the snaps on her robe released. Underneath she wore a black lace bra, black garter belt, black stockings attached to the belt, and stiletto black pumps on her feet. She sat back on the sofa arm and reached behind the couch. Sitting back up straight, she held a jockey whip.

Cliff watched quietly.

She tested the strength of the whip on her hand. “You’re even getting into shape. What are you down now, a hundred pounds?”

Cliff tried to remain stoic, but his lips curled into a slight grin. “Seventy-five,” he answered.

“Heather is a lucky girl.”

“I haven’t slept with her yet.”

Judge Phillips smirked. “Really? Well, I hope you are not waiting for me to instruct that.” Her right hand held the whip in her lap as her right fell to brush her vaginal lips. “Lick,” she ordered.

Cliff was quickly up on all fours and between her legs. He ran his tongue along each of her thighs before finding her pussy and licking deep between her lips.

“Good thing I am not selfish.” Her voice barely registered any change with his actions. “If I wasn’t married, though, I would have to punish you. Shirt off!”

Cliff pulled away and divested himself of his shirt and tie.

Judge Phillips reached behind the couch again. “Lick more.”

Cliff did as instructed. He could feel her straighten back up as his tasted her juices.

She slipped a leather collar around his neck. A chain leashed him to her left hand. She gave a slight sigh as his tongue played about her clit.


Cliff did as instructed.

Judge Phillips slid off the couch arm to the seat. She set the whip down, but kept the leash in hand. She quickly unzipped and unbuckled his pants. She then pulled his boxers and pants to the floor.

His erection stood awaiting her next order.

She quietly took him in her mouth deeply.

Cliff gasped at the pleasure.

She pulled her mouth off, picked up the whip, and tapped it on the back of his ass. “No sound!”

He winced but no further sounds escaped his lips.

She returned to her meal.

He waited, barely able to keep standing.

She finally stopped. Holding both his cock and the leash with her left hand, she looked him up and down. “All fours!”

Cliff adjusted so that he could put hands and knees on the couch.

Judge Phillips pulled a belt from behind the couch. She clasped it onto herself and hooked in a large dildo. She drizzled lubricant over it and walked behind him.

Cliff bit his lip as he felt the dildo push into him. No sound escaped as he felt the petite woman pumping, slowly at first.

She reached between his legs and squeezed his balls.

He screamed in pain, unable to help himself.

The whip brought another scream and left a red trail on his ass.

He waited, barely able to keep standing.

She finally stopped. Holding both his cock and the leash with her left hand, she looked him up and down. “All fours!”


She blinked from her seated position. “Excuse me?”

“You get on all fours.”

“I don’t…”

Cliff ripped the leash from her hands. He then lifted the petite woman and positioned her on the couch. “Don’t fucking move.”

He knelt behind her and quickly push inside. He picked up the whip and tossed it across the room. His third pump into her, and his hands unlatched the collar from his neck.

Judge Phillips whimpered as he pumped harder.

They orgasmed, nearly simultaneously. Cliff shuddered as she screamed.

Judge Phillips collapsed onto her belly on the couch.

Cliff caught his breath, then dropped his knees to the floor. His tongue returned to her pussy where he sucked both of their juices out.

“Heather is a lucky girl,” Judge Phillips purred as she neared another orgasm.

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