Morning Rant

These mornings are a double edged sword.

We are getting another glorious snowfall this morning and, at the moment everything looks beautiful and clean. The white blanket always makes everything look gorgeous for the first bit…until the cars turn it into slush and muck, at least.

Even though I did not have to get up quite as early this morning, I was awake at my usual five am. Woke up with an erection that is useless when only the dog is around…I will never be that desperate, and it scares me that some are.

I am in strong support of interracial mating…inter-species, however, leaves me scratching my head and trying not to be sick.

So, as it was, I sat with a useless erection watching the snow fall and hearing the rumble of the passing snow plows.

I would mention how it would have been nice to have someone to share that with…but I suspect a goddess would have distracted from the beauty of the white carpet outside. Then again, not sure I would be complaining and, being I have had this erection for three hours I doubt she would be complaining either.

Alas, I shall deal with things shortly as there are horses to feed…walks to shovel…and snowballs to be pelted at random passing vehicles. Rogue erections just get in the way of those things.


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