Haiti, A Year Later

I heard an interesting comparison this morning.

According to reports, Haiti has not exactly begun the process of rebuilding after a year since the quake. Australia, however, has already got the processes in place to rebuild after recent floods.

Now, let us not kid ourselves, Haiti is not a very wealthy country. Australia has more people affected, but quite possibly can rebuild with a fraction, if any of the international monetary assistance that Haiti received.

There is the beginning of the real problem, though. How much money did Haiti receive in assistance?

From Canada alone, the number is estimated at three quarters of a billion dollars.

Perhaps the better question is what happened to that money?

Questions of wealth aside, there is a huge difference between Australia and Haiti that is, perhaps, not politically correct to notice. The will and culture of the people is very different.

There are some who suggest that Haiti was smite by a god for their wicked ways. Now, I call bullshit on that…however, perhaps the attitudes of their leaders are doing the smiting.

Recently, it has been suggested that the international community has not lived up to obligations. Again…I call bullshit.

Reports of people still living under tarps and crying for help raises my suspicion. If my house were destroyed and I in that situation, I would start digging through the rubble looking for tools to rebuild myself…or at least to be ready when the assistance arrives. Instead, these people have a welfare attitude.

Combine that with a country that has traditionally been a messy corrupt bureaucratic disaster…again, where did the money we sent go? Who has it?

Realizing, I am looking in hindsight from thousands of kilometres away under the cover of snow…were I the leader of Haiti, I would do ask the international community to set up funds with the money they collect. With those funds, I would request that those countries hire their own unemployed construction workers, farmers, engineers, etc and send them to us. Also to buy up any construction goods that they can use that money for as well.

The health and famine would probably be dealt with by the usual suspects, so stop sending money.

However, it seems that with Haiti we can only lead the horse to water before someone puts a gun to its head demanding money for the drink.

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