Plowing Snow

This is one of those mornings…

You know those mornings…when at oh-five hundred you are woken by the passing snow plows. When even after those snow plows, the roads are still treacherous as the snow is falling so fast to quickly rebuild its camouflage fort for the ice underneath.

Then you get out with the shovel and get the walk completed just as you realize that the spot where your work started has already vanished as the snowflakes continue to attack the ground.

I love snow, but not this much.

I would prefer one of those other mornings…

You know those other mornings…when at oh-five hundred you are awoken by the goddess laying beside you as her mouth decides it wants to bring you to erection inside it. It continues its mission until you enjoy the feeling of her throat muscles swallowing what is produced by your first orgasm.

That, of course, is followed by her straddling of your face to assist with your tongue exercises and getting rid of that morning breath while her hand remains on your, now limp cock in an attempt to call it back to attention slowly as she plays with it. I will admit that tongue exercises need stretching first and would be a helluva lot easier if she would sit still and stop squirming…but the high notes she hits make it well worth the effort.

Finally, as the erection returns, her squat is moved from the face and over the erection. At first you only allow her to slide her soaked pussy lips over the erection so you can see the head as her hips sway. Then, perhaps with her whimpering now, you allow her to grab hold of it for penetration. This hip grinding continues until you both hit that high note and juices mix…shaken, not stirred.

After all this, then you hear the snow plows…


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