There is someone across the street standing in the glowing snow.

The snow glows in reflection of lights above. It glistens and shines from street and house lights…man made lights.

The lights of the gods are covered over by a thick film of snow filled clouds. They shall remain until they empty themselves of this current snow fall.

I would not see the figure across the street without the lights. Even with reflected Moonlight, unlikely. Only visible from the light of humans.

Yet the figure stands there. Quietly, unassuming, not asking to be seen…seen, none the less. Waiting on some imaginary bus that never travels this road. In need of a driver to take him home.

The figure wears a human made coat and human made shoes…he waits for a human made bus.

Were the figure to be told of the things the gods have made, I imagine he would nod and smile before asking when the bus would arrive to take him home.

This man is too smart to be misled. He knows that even the asphalt path home is human made, as is the gas for the bus. He knows that the bus driver will be trained by another human.

The snow plows moving ahead of the bus will be driven by humans. The trees that were cleared for the roads were all cut by humans, and the gravel used for the roads foundations mined by them as well.

In this man’s world, there is no longer room for gods under these clouds. If the gods were allowed under these clouds, even with Earth’s vast lands, there would be no room to move…no room to breathe.

This day I declare myself a born again atheist. I no longer have room or time for any god, for it has suffocated me for too long.

For years now, I have tread water…not in a belief of gods, but in questioning them. The treading is now over as it has been proven to me, without a shade of doubt, that though there are things yet to be understood…gods are not anything more than legends created from the fear of the unknown.

Time for a new goal.

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