Theory of Displacement

Going to retread over something tonight. I have talked about this on previous blogs…before I *ahem* evolved and found WordPress.

Evolution versus Creationism is the age old debate about the big bang or the forbidden fruit…God created Earth and Heaven or some freak cosmic accident.

Were these the only two options, I would firmly see evolution as, easily, where we came from.

However, I always have seen a third theory as one that could explain the possibility of both.

We are not initially from here.

I first heard this theory, probably fifteen years ago…and, for me, it potentially explains both the gap evolution cannot yet quite figure out as well as the story of Adam and Eve.

Think about it.

Caveman runs about, club in hand until modern man arrives. Adam and Eve get off their space ship and the caveman disappears either through killing or breeding with them to extinction…and breeding with cavemen might be that proverbial forbidden fruit.

Potentially explains why we seem to have technology that we seem to have lost along the way. Even, perhaps, why some claim to see structures on Mars.

I would be curious to find out what archaeologists might find once they get their shovels into the dirt on Mars. Then again, who is to say that we did not come from further than that. Perhaps Mars was just a viewing post before landing here…perhaps Mars is just pure coincidence and nothing at all.

Of course there would be defenders of both sides who would look down their noses at such a theory…but we really don’t know the whole story yet.

As always, where science is concerned, the key term is ‘yet’ as at least they keep looking.

This third theory can certainly not be proved nor disproved by what we know now…it is more based on conjecture and dot connecting. Unlike Creationism and taking the Book of Genesis at face value, however, there is enough evidence for me to give it a nod as a ‘could be’.

The problem science has sometimes, these days, is it is too much money driven…and unless someone with some serious disposable cash and no agenda other than quenching curiosity starts to fund studies…I suspect hundreds of generations before we know any remote semblance of truth.

Funny, however, how money with agenda can pretty much create any results they want…whether scientific or religious. As an example, look at the controversy over the CO2/greenhouse gas emails that, due to accidentally being leaked, suggest reputable scientists skewed their findings to make it more marketable and sexy than something we can actually do anything about to make our planet greener.

One interesting point about the Theory of Displacement…are we all human? Never mind asking if we are alone in the universe, but are we alone on the planet? Are THEY amongst us?

Who are THEY?

Leads to another thought. There has been talk about disclosure of aliens…always suggested, it seems, when the Democrats sit in the US presidential chair. There have been a few world leaders who have recently leaked details that we are not alone…but, with this fledgling theory, are these aliens, or our relatives?

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