Foos and Macs

It is 23:45 and I’m waiting for my meds to kick in. Thanks to a cold or something I picked up at the office on Monday, just was not in a writing mood at all today. Back on my horse tomorrow, though…

Or as my old fav cliche goes, save a horse, ride a cowboy. A little too cold for my cowboy hat at the moment, but the stallion Percheron and other five horses in the barn will appreciate the break.

Tonight’s sleep music is a mix between Fleetwood Mac’s Behind the Mask…the one were they replaced the stoned Lindsay Buckingham with two guitar players…and the Foo Fighters’ In Your Honor (note, the missing ‘u’), Disc 2.

Fleetwood Mac has this uncanny knack for song writing. With or without Buckingham, everything they did grows on me if I don’t like it at first…and yet I still have no fucking clue what Stevie Nicks is singing.

Then their is the Foos. I suppose it is a good comparison to this particular Fleetwood Mac release…but the Foos have thrived after the death of Curt Cobain. In Your Honor, so far, is my fav of their releases with “What If I Do?” being my fav tune.

Anyhow, my drugs are taking hold and I better get some more shut eye so I can turn the raunch back up again tomorrow. Apparently a six hour nap this afternoon just wasn’t good enough.

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