He looked up at her from his chair. “Pancakes? Sounds good.” He closed the newspaper and stood. “How can I help?”  He towered over her as he followed her to the counter. He reached up and pulled down two juice glasses.

“Um, well…” She looked up into his blue eyes under salt and pepper hair. “Okay, set the table, start with that.” She licked her lips as she watched him take the cups back to the table. the hair on his pale bare chest was so light that it seemed non-existent.

He scratched his leg through his pajama pants and then returned to find plates and cutlery. He smilled at her as he spoke, “Eggs? Bacon?”

She turned away and giggled. “We’re not dressed for bacon.”

He laughed as he looked down at her in her black negligee. Her olive skin made his mouth water. He quickly distributed the cutlery and plates.

He returned his gaze to her to find her big brown eyes watching him as she leaned on the counter, right knee crooked and toe tapping. Her smile was framed by long black curly hair.

“”What else can I do?”

She reached beside her and picked up the syrup jug. “Here, put this on the table.”

He moved over to her, hand out to take the jug.

She slipped it past his hand and tipped it, spilling a small bead of syrup on his chest. “Damn,” she snickered. “Let me get that.”

Her tongue traced the path of syrup down to his left nipple. Her teeth found the nipple and bit lightly.

“Mmmm…here.” She spilled on his right nipple this time and repeated. This time, as she bit, she felt his hand at the back of her head, pulling her further, beckoning her to bite harder.

As she pulled away, she could see the tent in his pajama pants. “Doesn’t take much,” she said and playfully pushed the erection aside.

He lifted her and pulled her thighs around him. His lips first found the curve of her neck before lifting her higher. Her negligee straps slipped off her shoulders as his mouth found her breasts.

He carried her over to the table. With one sweep of his right hand, the table was cleared and the dishes smashed on the floor while the cutlery chimed. He set her down and knelt between her legs.

Her brown eyes widened as they locked with his and she felt his tongue pushing into her. She moaned and stretched back trying to push his tongue deeper. She closed her eyes and screamed as her orgasm took her.

He stood and she sat bolt upright, grabbing his pajama waistband before he could escape. She ripped the waistband in her excitement. He leaned down and kissed her deeply as his erection pushed inside.

Three hours later

He rinsed the syrup out of her hair and applied shampoo under the shower head.

After their shower finished and they had toweled each other off, she kissed him from her tippy toes.  “Did you still want those pancakes?”


  1. This is great little piece of erotic writing, have you thought about submitting it for publsihing on line. No money involved but a nice way to show your work off. I know just the place if you are interested?


  2. I help to run a site called One of things we do is publish stories on-line, mianly erotic fiction but not exclusively. We are always looking for new and talented authors. We take short pieces, love letters, poetry, and longer works. We try to get stories published within a week of them being submitted but due to the hoildays it may take us slightly longer at the moment. Check us out and see what you think. We would love to publish some of your work, including this lovely little piece above



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