Slicing Bacon

I’m debating changing my theme for this blog…

Problem is that I have been in sales and marketing for 25 years now (yes, I’m that old)…though that did include five years part time as I finished high school in the retail variety of positions back in the late 1980s.

Before you ask, back in early October I celebrated my 20th annual 21st birthday (aka…I’m 40).  I joke with my daughters that I ran out of fingers and toes when I turned 21 (20 fingers and toes…and I knew it was plus one other *ahem* digit elsewhere)

Suffice to say, I began working retail, technically even earlier.  My parents owned a store that I would work at, back in 1983.  I would run cash and sweep on a Friday evening and weekends for them…also did some work on the meat counter where I lost the tip of one finger that has never grown back completely…can only see it if I point it out as it is not that obvious, but a meat slicer took it as I was attempting to slice someone’s bacon…literally.

Sorry, I digress…

After, actually 27 years of sales and marketing…I have found that black fonts on white backgrounds work.  Regardless of how cool a grassy green background with yellow writing might look, the eyes will tire of that pretty quickly.

The question always comes down to…do you want to be looked at, or do you want to be read?  I want to be read.

I’d like to get my writing up to the level where some unsuspecting victim…er publisher, sorry…is willing to pay me to sit here and get drunk while my fingers fly across the keyboard providing sizzling erotica and the occasional attempt at sci/fi or sci/fantasy…I’d even accept my place as a comedy writer…

I’m easy…not cheap!

Writing is easy…actually writing something worthy of reading, however…not so much.

I feel like, lately…as in the last 6-8 months, I have started to come out of a 15 year bout with writer’s block.  I have published actual material for real cash money, twice…one sci/fi (though some saw it at Christian which made it rather humourous to me) and one erotica.  I have, to date, made a grand total of $25 on my writing career…I almost make that per hour on my “real” sales job…and this last point depresses me sometimes as I would much rather write than have to go and prostitute myself on something I don’t believe in…

For the record, I have no problem with prostitution…unless the person doing it does not enjoy or believe in what they are selling…the problem is that there are so many, myself included, who end up trapped in careers that they are good at, or well suited to…but they don’t enjoy.

*shrug* I guess that is another sign that the economy is more important than our happiness…



  1. Hmmm, should I stop using my colours….LOL…but I like my colours!

    I am so with you on the writing and well done you, you have beaten me, I have never earnt a penny, but I live in hope that one day someone might like something I write and then who knows!

    In the meantime, I write for me, because I like it. Yes I get a kick out of it if someone comments or even if I can just see that I have readers, then all the better, but at the end of the day, I enjoy doing it and thats the most important thing.


    1. Nothing wrong with writing for you. Generally, what I post here is for me as well. My newest work, The Expanse, is my first true attempt to work on something bigger that I have actually posted. Started reading that to my daughters this weekend and, besides getting smacked over using words like “Damn” and “bastards”, they seemed to enjoy it. Much as I would want to make money by actually getting something published, I’m not sure much else matter to me other than those two young girls who then try to give me ideas as to where to take the story.

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