All I Want for Christmas is for Her Not to Spit

Women spitting is…well…un-goddess-like.

Now, quick disclaimer…I’m four beer, strong beer (call the 7.5%) into a bender and enjoying it…so anything you read after this particular line, take with a grain of salt.

Whether it be after a baseball game and she is trying to show that she can be one of the boys…or after a blow job and she is trying to get the taste out of her mouth…it is un-lady-like.

This is the reason I like to eat as much asparagus as I can get my hands on.  I hear that that makes the taste…yes, that taste…better.  Well, for the good that does me.

Apparently, women have this thing about the taste of semen.  If it doesn’t taste good enough, they spit it out…I would say something to the effect of “wimps”, but men are worse, who am I kidding.  We guys gag at the littlest off taste.  Give me chicken that is even remotely off, and I’m making nice with the toilet.

*scratches head*  I’m sensing a theme with my last few posts here that aren’t fiction…something about blow jobs…am I lacking such actions, perhaps?  Am I simply hoping that some lass will see me as desperate enough to feel sorry for me and help me correct this lapse of actions?

Hmmm…perhaps, just perhaps, fellatio is necessary.  Perhaps it helps a guy avoid such discussions.  Such debates.  Such idiosyncrasies.

Someone yesterday commented on how it was a “good thing” I was not describing the best blow job I had ever received…perhaps that story is next to come.  Or is that ‘cum’?

Problem is, by sharing my story of the ‘best’, would likely kill the fantasy of ideas I would possibly enjoy.  Hard to say, though…

…in my humble opinion…so long as there are no bites, all blow jobs are good blow jobs.

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  1. LMAOOO….great line “so long as there are no bites, all blow jobs are good blow jobs.” and I think you might be going wrong with the aspargus……apparently the key to great tasting cum is pineapple!



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