Good Morning, Mr. Woods

I awake, this morning, to pornography. Not really on purpose.

Lil’ ole me rolls over, turns on my phone and wanders on to Twitter. First Tweet I find includes a pic.

…now, I have no problem with porn. It does serve a purpose…sometimes erotic, sometimes instructional, sometimes gets the creative juices flowing…amongst other juices.

This particular photo, however, quickly had added significance when I found out it was her.

Not only does the photo have my mind screaming “I want that!”, but my mind also starts wishing I could have snapped that one. And yes, dare I say, I have snapped pics along those lines. Modeled in them, even.

I only share with permission, though…so the photo truth isn’t out there, generally. Especially the one who said her husband would be upset while she rode me like a stallion…fun times…

I’m sorry, digressing…suffice to say, seeing fellatio photos early in the morning without warning provide an interesting sensation. Ones of wanton lust and curiosity.

Mind you, if I try to hard to imagine being her meal…well, good thing I have tissues handy.


  1. Hmmm I wonder who on earth you could be refering to. Is there ever a good time to post fellatio pics, or maybe I should rephrase that…is there really ever a bad time to post them? It does seem I caused some inspiration though.



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