Come Together

I’m confused.

I’m at my daughters’ Christmas singing recital. Sitting through 50 + performances by children of different Christmas carols and the like either on vocal or piano.

Just finished listening to my eldest do a good job on Old Toy Trains. My youngest, in the second act will be getting Nuttin’ for Christmas.

However, based on the song list…well, nothing says Christmas like The Raiders March (Indiana Jones), Rocky Main Themese (Stallone, not Bullwinkle) and Bloody Well Right.

On the last one, must admit that to hear a ten year old play Supertramp was a riot. As a Pagan listening to this show, good that these songs add some levity…plus whatever keeps the kids practicing works.

One tune struck me as particularly odd. One boy did a piano version of Come Together. The Beatles have done some wonderful tunes that translate well to instrumental…Eleanor Rigby, Hey Jude, While My Guitar Gently Weeps…good of a tune as Come Together is, it does not translate well on piano alone. Besides the fact that this kid probably has no idea what the tune is about…never mind who St. Ringo was.

As it is we’re now at intermission and we’re half way through *groan*. In this act we have the traditional Angels We Have Heard on High…bookended by tunes I don’t know called “The Donkey” and “Death and all his Friends” *scratches head*. These aren’t the Beatles!

Right? Quite rght! I’m bloody well right.

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