For Now…

More snow drifting to the ground…as if we haven’t had enough. Watching it filter its way to the ground.

Flittering here, flittering there, a dance until it meets the ground.

How many Whos die everytime a snowflake hits the ground? Imagine the devastation were that our galaxy…slowly dropping to the end.

“A person’s a person no matter how small…” – Seuss

Is that what the Mayans saw coming for 2012?

For the record, I suspect the guy who carved the Mayan calendar got tired…and thought it would be funny to see the paranoia that and ‘end’ to his art would cause.

After all, every ending is a beginning for something else. The modern way…we end a relationship only to end up crawling into bed with someone else that feels better…for now.

I think that should be the slogan of the 21st Century…”For now!” We have no attention span left, as a society. We want it now…not later…and if the Joneses got it first, then now is no longer good enough, and we should have had it before.

With all these commercials, it scares me to think of how much shit some people now have…never mind that they bought it with money that doesn’t yet exist.

Run up enough credit and one is bound to lose track.

Between market share and growth, we seem to have forgotten that sometimes the little guys don’t have a defense for really good marketing. The economy, however, must be healthier than the average person. How else will we grow?

God forbid we try to grow through knowledge. Think about that statement the next time your local preacher tells you what to believe.

I have a bit of a bad feeling about where we are currently going, though. Can’t put my finger on it, but not all is as it seems. They can always print more money and yet they seem to want people to tread water economically while they bail out corporations.

Again, the economy reigns supreme…for now.

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