Back on the Raunch

So I’m under the duvet and in the mood to write some real raunchy stuff this eve.

Some days I think that’s all I’m good for. Writing stuff that requires tissues for those reading it…well, I like to think it does, but I never assume.

Just once I would like to be living the current scenario while I’m writing it.

Mind you, I suppose it would be less than romantic to kiss her deeply only to stop and document it on my Blackberry.

To slowly lick and suckle her clitoris and…no, darling, wait as I need to blog.

Hardly seems fair that the only reasonable time I could do this would be whilst my member is in her mouth…but, then again, watching those gorgeous lips engulf me and making eye contact with those beautiful blues would lead to a lot of typohs and m.fedjskls.

Hmmm…perhaps this is an argument for dreaming of what I can do to a goddess and what she can do for me. Would make me look less of a dork, for one. Second as everything I write will be experienced by a goddess at sometime…well, except the one about parachuting to the mountain cabin where she finds the guy naked…pfft, I’m not brave enough to parachute…the rest, I’m good with.

…sweep her off her feet and carry her to the bed, this I could do. Slowly undress her with my teeth of every stitch of clothing. Than apply the correct amount of breath and saliva to all her nooks and all her crannies…twice.

Then she rewards me with a blow job that most priests would approve of. One where she does not simply go down, but studies my nether regions until volcanoes errupt.

Then she saves a horse and rides this cowboy until the sunsets again in three days time…

Damn…she can keep my hat on.

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