Tonight there is a craving. A craving to please a goddess. To bring her to that point…

You know that point…

Where the first orgasm is the stuff legends are made of and ballads are written about. The type that sends her into screaming pleasurable convulsions that sends shivers down every woman’s spine in a two kilometre radius as they sense it.

The type of orgasm that she will probably be thankful she is already lying down as, if she isn’t, she’ll be on the floor shortly drooling.

The type of orgasm that, three months later, she still has trouble walking.

The type of orgasm that she will have to bite her tongue when her daughter mentions her granddaughter didn’t come home until morning…biting her tongue not top avoid scolding, but to avoid one-upping her.

The type of orgasm where for the rest of her life, every time she hears someone on Star Trek yell “Red alert!” she giggles in pleasure.

The type of orgasm that inspired a woman scientist to discover the concept of a quantum singularity.

The type of orgasm that, if they can provide, make dwarves, clowns and even priests look inviting to her.

Yeah…that point…you know that point…


  1. Indeed I do know that point, that moment when you are lost to the convulsing spasms within your pussy, that moment when all else vanishes from your mind and you just become that moment……. Perfect!



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