Cancer Man

Almost went an entire day without a post…what’s up with that?

My mood has been a bit odd today…a good mood, but different than my norm.  Outside of shoveling snow, I was lucky to get anything done at all after getting home today…came damned close to letting the Doberman do his business in the kitchen for lack of want to let him out.

This is not unusual…not often I get this lackadaisical mood, but on occasion…the dude says as he eats bacon off a tiny plate with no side dishes…well, may make popcorn and watch another X-File episode later.

A bit interesting as I am about half way into season four of the X-Files…let’s call it the heart of the series.  The writing was brilliant at this point…and very funny.  One thing the X-Files did better than most sitcoms was funny.  Just watched an ep of it on Sunday night that was actually written (according to Chris Carter’s commentary) with both Cher and Rosanne Barr in mind who had both expressed an interest in appearing in the show…and, unfortunately, neither were able to work out the schedule to appear on this one.

There was also the episode where Mulder first meets the Lone Gunmen…who did get their own short lived spin off series around season nine of the XF as I recall…but, as usual, it was too intelligent for the average viewer to want to come home, sit down and watch.

Speaking of the Lone Gunmen, they also appeared in the episode where we get some background on the Cigarette Smoking Man…or Cancer Man…or whatever the hell his name was…Mr. Spender.  Actually, that episode was towards the end of season three as he was killed early on in season four…for the first time…but as with most in this show, his demise was somewhat premature and he makes a triumphant return just in time for their first feature film that followed this season…Fight the Future.

The second film, of course, was only out a couple of years ago…summer of 2007 if memory serves…I Want to Believe.

Anyway, another day or so and I’ll be posting my first attempt at a serial fictional piece for awhile…first two chapters are complete and I am just holding off until I get the rest of the skeleton cobbled together.  Need to attempt to make sure I don’t have to come back and fix anything after I start posting this beast…should be fun…the truth is out there…and all that jazz.

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